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What exactly is pig Latin?

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    A dead language now, obviously. :D

    Kids used to use it to say things in front of people who weren't supposed to hear them, but eventually multiple generations could speak it fluently, so it didn't work anymore as a "secret language."

    "Pig Latin" in pig latin would be "igpay atinlay." The word "nix" ("ixnay") was used as "don't do/say that" ("ixnay on the anplay").

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    Pig Latin is a language game of alterations played in English. To form the Pig Latin form of an English word the first consonant (or consonant cluster) is moved to the end of the word and an ay is affixed (for example, pig yields igpay and computer yields omputercay or truancy yields uancytray). The objective is to conceal the meaning of the words from others not familiar with the rules.

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    examine this and you will understand . . . anca ouya eadra hista? asyea owna, ightra? The "a" on the tip of each and every observe is an prolonged a like in might. additionally you oftentimes drop a double letter on the tip of a observe like THAT will become HATA no longer HATTA or besides = NYWAYA. father and mom will use it while teenagers are small so that they do no longer understand what's being stated, yet many father and mom do no longer understand teenagers have already discovered it and can talk it extra beneficial ouya otga hata

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    Good question. Let me know.

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