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Does anyone own a Japanese Akita?

All my life I have wanted a Japanese Akita. I have decided that when my kids leave home I will get one. I love the breed but everything I have read about them and some people's views makes me wonder if they really are as bad as everyone makes out.

I have experience with large dominant breeds (I own 2 American bulldogs at the moment) so I am confident about handling and training one. They surely can't be as bad as everything I have read.

Does anyone have an Akita that could share their experiences honestly? I would like to hear from people that have actually owned or known people that have owned Akitas.


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    I have an Akita who is a really great dog when it comes to people. It is however her goal in life to try to kill every other dog on the planet I think. I have no worries at all when it comes to people though, she is super sweet. I have three boys who have friends over all time. My next door neighbor has two year old twins and the dog absolutely loves them. She is also fine with my cats although I'm not sure what she would do with a strange cat. The dog aggression issue is a known trait and even in my very even tempered dog it is a real problem.

  • Cat
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    I have never had an Akita, but wanted to relate a story about one. There was a man who lived in Japan. He owned an Akita. Every day the dog walked his master to the train station so he could go to work and the dog met him every evening to escort him home. One day while the man was at work he had a heart attack and died. Some colleagues took the dog in and kept it as their own. Every evening the dog went to the train station to meet his beloved master who never showed. This dog kept this vigil for his master for the following 10 years. There is now a statue of this Akita at the train station in Japan. I have heard that they are a lively breed. If you have two bull dogs I see no trouble with you owning an Akita. The best to you and your dogs.

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    well, actually I don't have a Japanese Akita but one of friend has that dog . Do you really want that dog . But why do you want that dog . What if that bits you .

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    when i was younger in my teens my parents had one,

    DON'T listen to the story's you hear,

    she was an angel but due to the fact when she was younger she wasn't well socialized some breeds of dogs she hated

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