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JT asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 8 years ago

Fantasy Football Trade Question ?

I'm offering Eli Manning, A Morris, B Pettigrew for A Green, Green-Ellis, S Smith.

His Team : QB Freeman, RB Green-Ellis, D Murray, C Johnson, R Helu, I Redman, R Williams, T Gerhart, WR A Green, P Garcon, S Smith, J Maclin, L Robinson, TE O Daniels, D/ST Bills, K Bryant

My Team : QB Manning, RG3, RB MJD, A Morris, F Jackson, R Mendenhall, WR V Jax, D Jax, Amendola, Hawkins, TE Gronk, Pettigrew, Bennett, D/ST Atlanta, Seattle

Is this a fair or good trade for me ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    it is a very good and fair trade for you, maybe too fair and good. I doubt the other teams owner will accept the trade, look at it this way....

    His team AFTER the Trade..

    QB: E Manning

    RB: Green-Ellis, D Murray, C Johnson, A Morris, R Helu, I Redman, R Williams, T Gerhart

    WR: J Maclin, L Robinson

    TE: O Daniels, B Pettigrew

    D/ST: Bills

    K: Bryant..

    Now ask yourself - Would I want my fantasy team to look like that after a trade???

    Following the trade he will have 1 good RB, 1 okay Rb, 1 okay WR, and 2 okay TEs (and i assume you can only play 1).......


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