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Ryan Getzlaf vs Corey Perry?

Which ducks player do you like better, Ryan Getzlaf or Corey Perry and how would you describe their styles?

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  • Sundin
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    8 years ago
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    I like Getzlaf better, but Perry is definitely the better player. I would call Perry a mix of Joe Thornton without the passing skill and Rick Nash without the pure scoring skill. Perry much like Nash goes hard to the net damn well, and plays an aggressive and physical game as well as having a knack for the net, and much like Thornton he uses his size to be very effective in both ends of the ice as well as having good vision and being strong around the net. When Perry is shut down offensively, he still has many elements to his game, which makes him so valuable.

    As for Getzlaf, who's also a well rounded player and a good leader, Getz is much like Thornton haha a insanely great passer, his vision on the ice is awesome and his passes are perfect. However, against teams like the Kings for example, who are great at blocking passing lanes instead of shooting lanes he can be easily contained. And he becomes less of an effective player because he isn't much of a scorer. So because of these reasons Perry is the better player, however they are both among the NHL's elite, despite a bad season from both.

  • If I were a GM I would take Getzlaf because he is a number 1 centre and those type of guys are worth a lot more than a top line winger like Perry.

  • 8 years ago

    getzlaf is more complete but right now perry is better and his shooting abilities are lethal

  • Chok
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    8 years ago

    Dunno I like getzlaf better although perry is better offensively. But I feel that getzlaf is more well rounded

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