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Does cerasee or aloe help detox thc from urine/body?

Does cerasee detox your body from THC?.. what about the Aloe plant like the gel from the plant. I'm from the caribbean so getting these bushes and plants would be easy.

Also, how long would it take for any of these products to clean me out?

Should i try mixing the cerasee,aloe and cranberry juice together?

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE especially from extreme smokers would be great.

hopefully i can get answers from people who have tried certain remedies and not the "i got someone to pee in a cup for me remedy to pass a test"


the unnecessary comments are not needed.. if you dont have an answer to my question just dont answer at all

Anyone else, if you have any good remedies please share.. I have heard the liquid stuff is good to but would this show up on a lab test as a masking agent??

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