Suggestions on names! Sort of a game :)?

I have a few things for you to play around with and give a few suggestions for! As many as you want :)

1) If the baby is a girl, I would like her name to begin with either an A, C, J or T. Her middle name will be Jane.

2) If the baby is a boy, I don't mind what his name starts with and his middle name will be Lee. So it has to flow well with Lee.

3) If the baby is a girl, her name can start with any letter, but her middle name has to go well with the middle name Kerry.

4) Same as number 2, but has to go well with the middle name Eric.

5) Same as number 3, but has to go well with the middle name Sheral.

Bare in mind that all four of the middle names have family meaning.

I'd prefer all the names to have a nickname because I think it's cuter for children to have a nickname.

For number 1, the nickname can be AJ, CJ, JJ or TJ :) and doesn't have to have any other nickname :)

Please make sure the names you choose go well with the surname Baker

Thanks for your help! This is actually for a baby :)

Hope you had fun :)


I messed up *Bare in mind that all FIVE of the middle names have family meaning*

Also, the names can have more than one nickname :).

You can also use "Sheral Kerry" and "Eric Lee" as middle names :) - either way around :)


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    Alexis Jane Baker "Lexie" "Alex"

    Alison Jane Baker "Ali" "Alice"

    Caroline Jane Baker "Carol" "Carly"

    Claira Jane Baker "Claire"

    Jessica Jane Baker "Jess" "Jessie"

    Joelle Jane Baker

    Theresa Jane Baker

    Thalia Jane Baker

    Sean Lee Baker

    Thomas Lee Baker "Tom" "Tommy"

    Caleb Lee Baker

    Bryce Lee Baker

    Carson Lee Baker

    Connor Lee Baker

    Alexander Lee Baker "Alex" "Alec"

    Samuel Lee Baker "Sam" "Sammy"

    Evelyn Kerry Baker "Eva"

    Olivia Kerry Baker "Lia"

    Leona Kerry Baker

    Veronica Kerry Baker "Vera" "Ronnie"

    Scarlett Kerry Baker "Lettie" "Carly" "Scar"

    Ryan Eric Baker

    Nathaniel Eric Baker "Nate" "Nathan"

    Noah Eric Baker

    Tyler Eric Baker

    Jaxon Eric Baker "Jax"

    Chloe Sheral Baker

    Elizabeth Sheral Baker "Ellie" "Liza" "Beth"

    Caitlin Sheral Baker "Cate" "Catie"

    Bailee Sheral Baker

    Michaela Sheral Baker "Micha" "Kayla"

  • 8 years ago

    Arebella Jane

    Adam Lee

    Amelia Kerry

    Anthony Eric

    Aleah (Uh-Lee-ah) Sheral

  • Ariana
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    1. Charlotte Jane Baker

    2. Sebastian Lee Baker

    3. Elizabeth Kerry Baker

    4. Harper Eric Baker

    5. Amelia Sheral Baker

  • 8 years ago

    1. Amy Jane, Cecily Jane, Jillian Jane, Taylor Jane

    2. Connor Lee

    3. Sienna Kerry

    4. Nicholas Eric

    5. Rochelle Sheral

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  • cvhs
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    1. Alexandria Jane, Clarissa Jane, Jackie Jane, or Tyler Jane

    2. Aaron Lee

    3. Jessica Kerry

    4. Matthew Eric

    5. Patricia Sheral

  • 1) Caroline Jane ( Rolly)

    2) Hunter Lee ( I don't know a nickname )

    3) Khloe Kerry ( Klover )

    4) Nathaniel Eric (Nathan)

    5) Autumn Sheral ( Auttie )

  • Lia
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    1. Avalyn Jane (Avalyn comes from the irish name Eibhlin, pronounced Ayv-lin. I would'nt use Ava)

    2. Mason Lee

    3. Isabella Kerry (Bella)

    4. Hunter Eric

    5. Katarina Sheral (Kat)

  • 8 years ago

    1. Autumn Jane *AJ*

    2. Jayden Lee *Jay or Ayden*

    3. Dakota Kerry *Kota*

    4. William Eric *Liam*

    5. Delaney Sheral *Laney*

  • 8 years ago

    1) Amelia Jane "AJ"

    2) Trenton Lee "Trent"

    3) Brianna Kerry "Bri or Anna"

    4) Maxwell Eric "Max"

    5) Caitlin/Kaitlin Sheral "Cait, Kate, Catie, or Katie"

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    -- Amelia Jane.

    -- Anna Jane.

    -- Aurelia Jane.

    -- Ada Jane.

    -- Adriana Jane.

    -- Alice Jane.

    -- Caroline Jane.

    -- Cecilia Jane / Cecily Jane.

    -- Cassandra Jane.

    -- Jessica Jane.

    -- Julia Jane.

    -- Theresa Jane.

    -- Tallulah Jane.

    -- Thea Jane.

    -- Tessa Jane.


    -- Arthur Lee.

    -- Benjamin Lee.

    -- David Lee.

    -- Henry Lee.

    -- Jonah Lee.


    -- Emma Kerry.

    -- Rose Kerry.

    -- Elena Kerry.

    -- Sophia Kerry

    -- Madeleine Kerry.


    -- I think all of my aforementioned boy's suggestions go with Eric as well.


    -- Phoebe Sheral.

    -- Lily Sheral.

    -- Penelope Sheral.

    -- Natalie Sheral.

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