Am i strait/bisexual or gay?? please help//its kinda a long story, if you feel like reading,buts its important?

ok thiis will be a little long, cuz im telling you a little of my life storie, the gay part me and my brother would do sexual things with each other and some of my friends when i got older... heres the story ps it gets a little graphic

ok it start when i was about 6or7 maby me and my brother about 4 years apart so he was 10 well we would take baths together, wrestle in underwear, do everthing together the first time was we were playing hide and go seek and me and him went under the house to hide, we were there for like 5 mins when we started looking at each other and started talking cuz noone was finding us and we wanted to see how long we could sit underthere, anyways then he said hey lets get naked, so i did, i did what ever he said always, so we got naked and he got on his back and said lay on top of him, so i did, and i remember if feeling good to my body, so i started sliding up and down on him, rubbing our penis's together and we stoped after a few mins and got dressed and left.. after that we started experimenting like that for the next like 5 years doing more and more with each other unteal one dayi was like 12 we were laying on his couch in his room and i was sucking his penis and i just looked up and told him i dont think we should do this anymore we could get cought by mom and dad, so after that we never fooled around again,, and we started kinda getting pulled apart, not as close

so then when i was 13 i still havnt had a girlfriend yet. we moved to a new house and i met a guy friend next door we were the same age. we would do everything together like me and my bro did, so for a while we didnt do anything sexualy, then i started seeing him sexualy after about 5 months, i just wanted to do the things to him that i did with my brother.. then one day we were in our fort and for some reason we took a piss together on a tree and we saw each other

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    7 years ago
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    If you feel a sexual attraction to men and not to women then you are probably gay. The attraction you feel is natural and if you are old enough you should explore more. If you feel an attraction to both men and women you are probably bisexual, which is also natural. The big thing I want to stress is don't worry so much about labels just explore yourself and feel life out a little bit. That doesn't mean go screw everyone lol just be yourself withopen mind. Dont hide who you are because it will FOREVER eat at you and hurt your life, take it from someone who tried to hide who she was, made huge mistakes and is now paying for them. Talk to someone who will love and cherish your thoughts and ideas no matter what you decide and gain the proper support. when you explore yourself and figure out what you Truly feel come out with it. But remember coming out is VERY hard and VERY rewarding, also takes support!! There's a lot of resources for gay and bisexual individuals.

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  • 7 years ago

    Get a dictionary and look up "strait." Then look up "straight."

    They are not the same thing.

    You need a counselor. You're too young for sex.

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