Tshirt company startup, please help!!!?

Okay, so i basically want to start my own skate clothing company. but for now, i just want to start with t-shirts. how can i get my business started, how can i get it known, and how can i get the tshirts made?. thankyou.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You could start out by selling on cafepress.com if you want... they print for you and everything. But it may be annoying not having your own personal site and brand to go off of, so maybe that's not a route you want to take.

    Going with your own personal route is going to be a little more pricey and you may want to consider looking into government grants... (easybusinessgrants.com) it's all money you don't have to pay back and you can get approved for quite a load of startup for your business... printing and selling shirts won't be a HUGE startup cost, (unless you want to print in-house). You could even use your first few orders as capital to fund the printing and distribution costs.

    But then comes getting recognition, traffic to your business, is it going to be online or offline? both... etc... the free report inside easybusinessgrants.com provides all the info you need to get started with that... even info you wouldn't really expect from a grant advice PDF.

    Good luck and best of success man. Hope your t-shirt company totally takes off!

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