How long will this take????? (ten points best answer)?

Im 14 (girl) 110lbs and I wanna be 90. Will I lose it all in 2-3 weeks if I do this?

5am- biking 30-40 min

7am- plank-2min, 100 leg kicks each leg, lift a 5lb weight 50x with each arm, 20 crunches

8am- have one piece of fruit or a small protein shake for breakfast

10am- 100 leg kicks each leg, 100 punches

12pm- 50 leg kicks each leg

2- drink water

4pm- 100 leg kicks each side, 5lb weight 50x each arm, 2 min bridge, 2 min boat. (bridge and boat are yoga excercises)

6pm- 1 veggie

8pm- 50 leg kicks each leg.

10- go running, wallking and jogging for 30-40 min

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  • 7 years ago
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    To tell you the truth, depending on your height you seem normal in weight, meaning you don't have much body fat, so you will probably just gain muscle and that will make you weigh more. How do you find the time to do all of this? Don't you go to school? And don't do this to yourself.. I'm sure you are a beautiful girl that is just going to turn anorexic because of this. I am the same weight and age and sometimes I feel like I should be skinnier but, I respect my body and who I am. Can you respect yours?

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