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Leaving the airport during a layover?

Hi. I'm flying out from Chicago this Saturday and I have a 9 hour layover in Munich, Germany. I was thinking about renting a room at a motel nearby for a few hours and maybe take a little nap but I wasn't sure if I can leave the airport?


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    You can leave the airport during a layover, but honestly I would not for only 9 hours.

    The 9 hours is the time between your plane's arrival and takeoff of your next flight. Remember that it will take some time to deboard and you have to be there early to board the next plane. If you leave the airport, you will have to go through Customs and Immigration and that will take some time, and then you have to go through security again when you come back which will take more time.

    Say that all of that adds up to only 2 hours, so that you still have 7 hours. You have to add in the transportation time to and from the hotel as well as time for the check in and check out process.

    Most airports have somewhere you can sleep- a lounge, rooms you can rent, a hotel within the airport. You can also pass time in the shops, reading, people watching, etc. I would just do this instead of leaving the airport.

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    You can leave the airport but will have to go back through security.

    Why not check the website of the airport you are flying to and see if they have

    1. A hotel attached to the airport

    2. Sleeping rooms available to rent by the hour.

    3. Airport lounges which you might be eligible with your American Express, other credit card, or through a program like Priority pass.

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    As a US citizen you do not need a visa to search advice from the Netherlands so that you could be go away the airport. You do must go via immigration to depart the airport. It can be very effortless to take the educate from the airport correct into the gigantic Station in Amsterdam and the trip easiest takes quarter-hour. You'll be capable to conveniently have got to be again on the airport 2 hours earlier than your flight as you need to go via defense again. With eleven hours you will have sufficient time to look a bit of of Amsterdam before heading once more to the airport.

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    If you're traveling on a US passport, it's fine to leave the airport as no visa is required for US passport holders in EU countries. You will have to clear immigration and customs when you leave and clear security when you return, but it's fine to leave if you want to.

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    Just purchase a daypass at the airline's club room.

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