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Your experience with the Zodiac signs in a relationship?

I'm a Cancer female and these are the zodiac signs that I've dated/have had a "thing" with.

Cancer guy- He was an emotional wreck. It's true that cancers are emotional but my goodness I don't even get as crazy as he did. It was hard for us to communicate and thank goodness we never dated because while we were talking he had 2 other girlfriends -- yeah, he was definitely something lol.

Virgo- I dated a Virgo guy around January. He was way too uptight for my liking and didn't have much of a sense of humor. He was very closed off emotionally and didn't communicate properly. Didn't want to introduce me to his family though I introduced him to mine and also MAJORLY lacked chivalry. I cut it off after a few weeks.

Scorpio- I had a thing with a Scorpio guy for a few months about 2 years ago. I was automatically physically attracted to him like I've never been to anyone else. I'm pretty shy when it comes to approaching guys first so one day as I was walking into class he allowed me to walk in first and then struck up conversation. He was confident and I loved how much eye contact he made; especially because he had this intensity about him within his eyes. I guess he felt an attraction too but it soon ended when he transferred into another class and a couple of months later started dating someone.

Sagittarius- I dated one Sagittarius guy about 3-4 years ago. He was my longest relationship and I loved his confidence and how he seemed to admire me. We had so much in common and he really was everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend... sadly he ended it because I think he was scared of how serious and committed we were, but I don't think I ever would have ended it if he didn't.

Capricorn- I had a thing with a Capricorn last year and it last all year lol. He also had a great sense of humor, was very attractive and intelligent, and was the perfect definition of a gentlemen. He made me feel really funny and dorky which is who I am, however he was very emotionally closed off; especially when it came to family. He sort of opened up to me but he just barely scratched the surface. I think we're just better off as friends.

Aquarius- I've dated 3 Aquarius guys which is strange when you compare the dates: the first one I dated was 4 years ago, the next one was 3 years ago, and the one after that was also 3 years ago. I like Aquarius guys but they seem to get WAY too attached way too quickly. In my opinion they truly are hopeless romantics and they're amazing, they just weren't exactly what I was looking for.

Pisces- I just recently met a Pisces guy last week!!! It was an amazing encounter. We got paired up to do something for our school and he was super easy to talk to. We talked beyond our assignment and the conversation flowed smoothly. I'm actually interested in him but he does seem a little shy so far. Hopefully I can get to know him better on a friend level.

What's your experience with the Zodiac signs in a relationship? Let me know your sign as well :)

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    Capricorn sun, Aries moon, Sag Venus: This is "the one that got away." I felt like I could trust him with my life. He was trustworthy and was almost responsible for me. He was dominant. He knew my game before I knew my game. I couldn't manipulate him into figuring him out - he had me figured out and he knew when I was trying to manipulate (which I'm incredibly good at) He was amazing and never has losing someone made me strive to better myself the way he did.

    Virgo sun, Capricorn moon, Virgo Venus: I think we would've been better friends than lovers. I loved how smart he was and our best conversations were over differing opinions. He was an excellent debater. As far as the relationship went, he wasn't affectionate or emotional enough and I think we were just looking for different things. The most faithful boyfriend I've had though.

    Pisces sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Venus: by far the most compatible relationship I've ever been in. I used to get high/drunk and blooooow up his phone with the most pointless ramblings - I felt so comfortable telling him whaaaatever, he never judged me for any of the stupid stuff I come up with. Fighting with him was basically my ideal way of fighting. Saying I'm mad at you, not talking for a day or two, and then talking again as if nothing ever happened.

    Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, Capricorn Venus: ahkjshzfkjdhfkjdsfksjdhfs he was a flirt, he was depressed, he was pitiful. We would get into huge, blow-out fights and he'd tell me I was a whore and all women were whores and they didn't want him...meanwhile he'd be leading on 5 girls at a time. He was always complaining and self-pitying. On the other hand, he was all about his feelings and I like talking about people's feelings hahaha. He was also super charming and could be really funny.

    Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Leo Venus, Capricorn rising: the first boy I ever 100%, whole-heartedly dedicated myself to. He came off as intelligent, hard-working, caring, protective. He turned out to be an entire lie. He was short in bed. He loved having sex in the mirror, loved pictures during sex. Loved his hair getting pulled. He was insecure, posessive, and violent (although I'll attribute that to a Ritolin-filled childhood, an abusive father, and a Venus square Pluto [his Venus also square to my Pluto and vice versa]) He ended up cheating on me while I was in the next room...and then told me about in a group full of people to "make me mad". He was the only guy who didn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Yet at the end of the day, he's probably the only one who made any sense to me. It still doesn't make sense to me.

    Source(s): Pisces sun, Pisces moon, Aquarius Venus
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    Virgo with Aries Moon- My ex. He was really bad tempered in our relationship, I didn't see that side of him at first. I know it's not like this with all Virgos, I'm not implying that. He worried too much. He was far too careful. He dumped me because I was too shy.

    Aries with Virgo Moon- My current boyfriend. He's a stubborn git. I feel like I'm the only one making the compromises. He doesn't know how to be sweet with me. But he's a real gentlemen deep down. He's more sensitive than he lets on, but he acts like this tough guy. He's protective of me and I love it. We've been together for a year and a half.

    Libra with Taurus Moon- My ex. He was a real gentlemen. The only bad thing I have to say about him is that he isn't daring enough. If he was more daring and had more faith in things working out, then maybe we wouldn't have split up. He was so easy to talk to. He knew how to make me happy.

    Gemini unsure of his Moon sign- We never got together, but we had a thing for each other for a year or so (he never knew I liked him back though). This is the sweetest, most sensitive guy I've ever met. But he wasn't sensitive as in the in your face type, it was subtle. He was also very funny and we spoke to each other for hours on end. With him, it was like my social anxiety just disappeared and I become that confident, bubbly girl again. I shouldn't have turned him down.

    Source(s): Libra sun and moon, Virgo Venus.
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    I'll only do the ones I know well Aries: through the interactions I've had with aries I seem to enjoy it quite a bit. I like their bold attitude and I envy how outgoing they are Cancer: one of my best friends is a cancer and we get along pretty well, but recently I've noticed how clingy and emotional she is, and other cancers tend to be. At first I thought this was a good thing, as I thought id always have her supporting me by my side. But as my practices/competitions got more numerous throughout the year (I'm heavily involved with swimming) she'd always question why I put homework and school and swimming ahead of her. I try to make time to spend with her, but it's getting really hard because I have so much on my plate Libra: I find them quite nice actually. Although me and some of my libra friends differ on things constantly, we usually make up quickly. Libras are fun to be around, but sometimes they are a bit too social and don't focus well, but they're nice Sources: Im a cappy

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    ive never been with any male long enough to give a detailed or even brief overview of my experience. i love them 'n leave them. however a male did catch my attention and i still think about him less than a year on... he was very friendly, caring and attractive person. his sun was in aries , his moon, mercury, mars and saturn were all in pisces and venus in taurus. looked young for his age short and slim but very handsome blonde curly hair large light blue eyes almost like a cartoon character, and a bit of a baby face when he smiles. talented aswell.

    but back to the question ive only ever slept with guys, ive never had a relationship

    to everyones surprise

    gemini sun

    5th house gemini

    venus and mars in leo opposing saturn

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    Aquarius- he cheated, twice. the end.

    Leo- stalker, and violated the restraining order twice.

    Gemini- i've been trying to get over him for 8 years. We were young and got scared of what we felt and ran. We're still friends but he gave me a feeling that no one else (besides the Taurus) came close to.

    Scorpio- best sex Ever. but was a liar and a whore.

    Pisces- wayyyy too clingy, emotional and he was always b*tching about something. and he was suffocating.

    Taurus- liar, possessive, rant, cheater, whore, drunk, druggie LIAR and never was man enough to own up to his sh*t. In the beginning i thought it was emotional security but later i realized this was like running my heart through a shredder.

    Virgo- Liar.

    Sag- stable, calm and very friendly but like all the other ex's he cheated once and then i disappeared on him, he still wont quit calling me its been 4 years.

    Cancer- We didn't even get far enough to have much of a relationship until I detected some lying and it made me feel crazy so we cut each other off. He says I cut him off but its clear that he wouldnt just own up to his mistakes so we can clear it up. That game I wasnt going to play.

    Wow my list of ex's is long. its like Nothing makes me happy.

    Source(s): Cancer. Gemini Moon Libra Rising
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      Wow! You are so dead on about Taurus. I just dumped my ex gf which is a Taurus and she's a big liar, sneaky, druggie, alcoholic.. Always gave me false hope and with me being a Cancer I would give her chance after chance to get it right and she wouldn't. I don't think I'll ever date another one.

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    Taurus (who is my current bf)-- complete gentleman! and makes me feel great! weve been dating 2 months

    Virgo- almost the same as you,,extremely uptight and no sense of humor at all! very boring. dated him for 6 months and broke up with him because he was always talking about his ex's and was still attached to them.

    Aquarius- ive dated a few aquarius' and they are great people. we both just mutually moved on and remained good friends

    Scorpio- very passonate and intense but he was kinda crazy and had anger outbursts alot.

    Libras- are insane and they never know what they want blah probably my least favorite bf, he was crazy lol

    Source(s): I am a gemini sun with a cancer moon EDIT: me nd taurus just broke up cuz he was on dating sites
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    Pisces - first love, gave me everything & then some.. Very loyal & kept up with my craziness over the years, great lover, showed me how to love someone the right way..

    Saggitarius - the only other sign i've truly cared about, mentally stimulating, silly & playful, always spoiled me with gifts, very lovey dovey, too clingy, can't blame him ;)

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    Taurus: great great chemistry at first, emotional and physical needs met, but they were both liars on a couple things about their lives and I thought that was weird that they'd be lying about those things. both didn't work out at the end. dated 2 taurus men.

    Pisces: very sweet, but very slow and it took a while for him to open up, I left him.

    Leo: very clingy, very annoying

    libra: current bf, very understanding, great chemistry, but lacks in emotional understanding

    Source(s): Cancer girl, Sag Moon
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    I am aries

    virgo girl- was very lazy, secretive. liked to make a big deal out of little things and loved playing the victims. i became very unhappy, very quickly.

    libra girl- very caring, very loving and very very sweet but also equally annoying and too delicate. like "fragile! handle with care" sometimes very stubborn and just knew how to piss me off so bad

    sag girl- very insecure and moody.. she was the youngest of 5 siblings so i think she was just used to being a tantrum throwing baby. but also very easy to read

    cancer girl- absolute hell.

    i've had "a thing" with so many, sometimes I don't even remember who's even which zodiac. lol but in general in think;

    gemini girls are all about having fun.

    leo girls are too attitude-y

    pisces girls are weird and dreamy, in a very funny way. lol

    idk about the rest.

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    I don't know why but the last 4 relationships were with aries pure coincidence... And they all sucked

    Empty promises.... Jealous....violent...

    I found a capricorn. Were not going out but I feel awesome when we are together

    Source(s): pisces
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