i work in the kitchen of a nursing home i was employed there for three years before the head person over the k?

i work in the kitchen of a nursing home i was employed there for three years before the head person over the kitchen claimed i wasnt giving or doing enough truth is i give my 100 pervent at every job i have go out of my way to help others get their things caught up ive even done my eighty hours and forty over time hours in two weeks thats 120 hours in a pay period im new at this kind of job but i dont feel i slack on my job in anyway shape or form when theyve ever needed me i was the one to drop everything to go in for them just trying to help them out then the kitchen changed hands and a mother and daghter team kind of took over the tremendous work load they give one person to get over thing done in one hour is impossible and they no this thats why they give it then they turn around and claim u dont give enough or do enough i get my work done but it takes my breaks away and my lunch i dont complain about work i do it no matter how hard my day might be mind u this is a nursing that holds 90 residents as of now but back three years i worked there before we had close to one hundred and thirty residents people are in good with the head person in there and if they claim your not doing your job and lie against u you have no fighting chance to keep your job im being harrased everyday because of one certain person in this facility its gone on for three years plus i have a very big list of things to do everyday with in one hour im over worked and feel im being treated unfair because of people who nos this one person i defended my self in the office with the head person over the kitchen and the administrator at the time it was a month later i was being drug tested because i wasnt very nice cause im one that does my job and then some but u have people who lie against u and its a i guess u would say a click of people u have no standing ground co workers who put their nose in your personal life where it shouldnt be i tested dirty and i lost my job well i havent worked there for five years now i got clean and wanted a chance to hold a full time job ive done everything in my power to hold my job theres something going on in this facility i dont care how hard you work if your not liked u cant hold a job here no matter what you do ive come along way and im three months clean and i have goals and dreams i told the administrator which mind u has changed since that last time i was fired which was working in the office at the time of my firing she even said to me that day it wasnt right since then shes now the administrator the other one is gone now but mind u the head kitchen person that did this to me left also BUT her daughter now runs that kitchen i wanted to come back and do my job everyday like anyone else and not be lied against or harassed and i told them this from day one now im going thru this all over again being told i dont give enough or do enough im one person and im doing everything in my power to hold my job i dont complain about the work which is very tremendous on one person i do it even though it takes my breaks away and my lunch ive had someone on purpose burn my food just to make it look like it was me ive never ever burned my meal not once mind u again this is over one person in this building i explained to them im trying not to have any hard feeling about what took place those three years i was there before i talk to no one i do my job but i do no people slam things around and are very disrespectful to others and thats ok why because they r friends with the head person they can work off the clock everyday to make sure their job duties are done but im told im not aloud to do this just to make it look like they r getting theirs done on time where the new people arent such lies mind u these coworkers have 14 years of experience and plus some in this and to where ive got maybe five i was told by the head person in the kitchen mind u i should not have lost my job the first time around but now im being told i dont give enough or do enough i work non stop all day long from the time i get there till the time i leave i may take a five minute smoke break but my work is done on time and resident are fed most of the time by 8 oclock or a little after mind u im serving 90 residents and we get started at ten minutes after seven where before i had till seven thirty my time to get things done is always being changed also i get less and less time to set up and break done everything put everything away make all my drinks ice everything down do my desserts and my thicket drinks do dishes and start on the second meal i have two meals a day to do thats pouring drinks for ninty residents juice,milk and water loading all the carts which is to five shelf carts two big box carts plus a big cart then serve everyone in the dinning room also so how am i not doing my job i need to no this the aides job has a million things to get ready before serving u get no extra time at all from one meal to the next mind u this is over a guy

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  • 7 years ago
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    Dang! Take a breath. Or use a period or something.

    Way back then, you tested dirty. THAT'S why you lost your job. Not because of "that guy."

    Second, why would you WANT to go back to that place? From what you describe, you aren't wanted there. Besides, what are you asking US to do? Is it acvice you want? Okay, my advice is that you polish up your writing skills and send your resume out to other places. Keep at it until you land an interview and another job.

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  • 7 years ago

    Holy crap! Is there ANY punctuation in this?

    You've posted before, right? I think I remember you. And when you were given advice before, you ignored it and posted the same thing over and over. I can't remember for sure, but I believe you also smarted off to everyone as well...

    If you don't like how you are being treated, start searching for a new job. If what they are doing is illegal, report them to the OSHA or whatever organization sets the rules for your state (Department of Labor).

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