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Cloning from HDD to SSD?

I'm running OS X 10.8.1 on my 2010 macbook pro and have boot camped windows 7 professional. unfortunately, there was some compatibility issue with partitioning my ssd, and the only way to install windows was to put it on my hdd (both of which are installed in the computer; i've removed the optical drive). how can i clone the windows os over to the ssd for faster boots and all that?

thanks in advance.

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    It may not work because the hard drive drivers would be different. A straight clone works if the hardware is similar but may not if the hardware is wildy different like mechanical drive to SSD.

    To give it a shot anyway, try Clonezilla at

    This is a boot CD which will allow you to do this, just make sure you get the order right (moving the information from the mechanical to the SSD and not the other way around)

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