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Is Alex Smith a perfect fit for Jim Harbaugh's offense?

Harbaugh's offense, as you know, is run-heavy and utilizes double TE's. Rarely, if ever, does he spread the field with 4 WR's. Also, under Harbaugh's offense, it is required of the QB to have some speed because Jim likes calling bootlegs.

I think Alex Smith is a great fit for several reasons. One, he has no problem operating under a very run-heavy, conservative offense. Two, Smith has wheels, something many QBs don't have. Finally, Smith, because he's not a superstar, doesn't have a superstar's ego. He's perfectly fine with only throwing the ball on 3rd downs and not taking big shots down-field.

I think Andrew Luck, since he excelled under Harbaugh's offense at Stanford, is a great fit, as is Ryan Tannehill, who is freakishly athletic. Although Aaron Rodgers' skill-sets compliment this offense, I think his ego will clash with Harbaugh's. Moreover, there's no way Rodgers will be happy playing under a conservative ground-and-pound double-TE offense.


Corey, that's true. A couple years ago, I told people that Andrew Luck benefited tremendously from having Harbaugh as his college coach and that he wouldn't have been this good had he played for another school/coach. I got a lot of sh*t for saying that. As it turns out, I may be right. Alex Smith went from bust to a above average QB, thanks to Harbaugh.

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    Don't forget that Jim Harbaugh was a former starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago bears. He took the Colts to the AFC Championship against the Steelers and to nearly a Super Bowl with a hail mary at the end of that game.

    Jim Harbaugh is very smart. They didn't name him "Captain Comeback" in Indy for nothing. To me, it is not so much that Alex Smith fits Harbaugh's system. Harbaugh is smart enough to fit his system to the quarterback he has. If he had a quarterback like Brees, Peyton, Brady, RG3 or Big Ben I'm sure he'd change his tactics accordingly.

    I've seen other head coaches do similar things with quarterbacks. Jeff Fisher mainly used a running game to protect Vince Young when Young was coming back from his emotional breakdowns. Rex Ryan used the running game and short passes to protect Mark Sanchez when he started as a rookie. And Shannahan is doing that with RG3, even implementing a number of Baylor's west coast offense plays.

    A good head coach makes the best use of the QB they have by adjusting their system and Harbaugh does a great job of that.

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    Not quite. I believe what he wishes to do isn't rush Kaepernick into the beginning role, and likewise now not have a quarterback who has any longer term advantage to stick with the workforce. Smith is quite only a one million or two 12 months band-help if you're going to, till Harbaugh feels that Kaepernick is in a position.

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    Any QB that doesn't turn the ball over would be a good fit.

    Alex Smith just happens to be a QB that fits!

    49ers are looking Super!

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    He's a great fit but you also gotta remember Harbaugh played QB. He knows what it takes to excel as one and can teach those things to Smith.

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