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Why are insects atracted to lights at night?:)?

I am a big nature picture hobbiest. resently A bee colony has dicided to make an old ceder wood trunk there new home in our back porch and we are loving it.

I have taken breath taking pictures of them, (NO I HAVENT BEEN STUNG,,,YET.LOL) But then i take my flash light to find the right opening in the trunk to take these awesome pictures but moths tend to bug me when the light comes on. I also find a few bees wind up back in the house with me. Why?

Why are insects atracted to light at night? Just curious?

As always thank you for all of your cool and kind help:)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Unfortunately for the insects, their attraction to artificial light is a cruel trick caused by our innovation moving faster than their evolution. Night flying insects evolved to navigate by the light of the moon. By keeping the moon's reflected light at a constant angle, the insects can maintain a steady flight path and a straight course.

    Artificial lights interfere with an insect's ability to detect the moonlight. They appear brighter, and radiate their light in multiple directions. Once an insect flies close enough to a light bulb, it attempts to navigate by way of the artificial light, rather than the moon.

    Since the light bulb radiates light on all sides, the insect simply cannot keep the light source at a constant angle, as it does with the moon. It attempts to navigate a straight path, but ends up caught in an endless spiral dance around the bulb.

    Some scientists believe light pollution is leading to a decline in certain insects. Fireflies, for example, have difficulty identifying the flashes of other fireflies where artificial lights are present.

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  • 3 years ago

    As Alex and a few others stated. "once you fish at night, a easy, an common headlight related to a battery is floated with styrofoam to entice plankton/zooplankton which entice bait fish and finally predatory fish. This works nicely with trout and crappie." this is why lighting fixtures fixtures are used at night. And fish understand that at night easy attracts all this. Fish flow to lighting fixtures fixtures at night to feed on the small shiners or shad that assemble around the sunshine that feeds on the plankton and so on. lighting fixtures fixtures are ineffective in the time of the day. Bass or crappie greater often than not flow to shaded factors throughout the time of bright solar easy. Or,, they flow deep to evade direct solar easy. Oh,, and the gentle black lighting fixtures fixtures used at night are for the purpose of the fisherman.. not the fish. this is was certain your line greater desirable whilst casting (utilising fluorescent line) and provides off a delicate glow to be certain the outlines of wood and banks. greater often than not utilized by using night bass fishermen the place I stay. Black lighting fixtures fixtures... neon or incandescent,, are actually not plenty sturdy for attracting fish.

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