how can u make 1 piece of paper hold 200 pounds?

me and a partner are trying to do this can only use 1 piece of paper and 6 inches of tape please help thanks.

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  • rison
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    3 years ago

    I might try cutting the paper into little strips, might be an inch huge and six inches lengthy. You'd glue the ends to make little rings. A network of rings would act as a base. So you would have about 18 rings. You'd put a platform on prime, which would be a part of your 200 pounds, and you'd put the the rest of the load on prime of that. You'll quite often have to experiement with the dimensions of the strips. My suggestion is in basic terms a primary are trying. I do hope you award pts for this answer and regardless if I get the pts that you simply disclose the answer--assuming there is only one answer.

  • I'm doing this in my Tehnology Class and I am looking for answers too >.<. Anyways we had a couple kids do a paper structure and what you want to do is cut the paper into strips ( the long way) and roll them up tight. My teacher told us that. It's really hard to crush with your fingers. He gave us a hint that to make sure it's even on each side (weight wise) I've heard this hint several times.

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  • 7 years ago

    cut the paper in half and make it into a basket. then write "200 pounds" on the other piece of paper. then place that paper in the basket

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