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Rhett & Scarlet..what exactly was the common ground that keep these two apart and together so many times?

Did you ever feel as though you are one or the other, and have met one or the other in your lifetime? Don't dog me if I'm wrong here, I am just trying to understand the mindset of one Rhett Butler character that loved Scarlet beyond belief, but didn't mind sitting back and watching her struggle to keep her home and family together while he had all the money and time to have made that easier for her. I have wondered about these two character portrayals for as long as I can remember. I have read the sequal, "Scarlet" that only reinforeced what went on with these two 'love birds' in the first book. Too bad she didn't write a book about Rhett, but I am figuring she wouldn't have understood him totally either, because she was a female and all. Just saying...these two were not exactly opposite in anything other then gender..and attracted each other like no other..any input would greatly be appreciated.


In reply to answers, I feel that Scarlet did everything she could to help her family and friends, and save them throughout the war..with success, and at the expense of other's looking down at her for it. I think she did consider Ashley as the man of her dreams before Rhett ever entered the picture, and after that nothing more than a friend in need that she helped out of respect for who he was, and the woman that was her friend, Melody, as well. (Must read the sequel, it's so good at explaining in detail more of the love story between Rhett and Scarlet, I think).

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    Passion, and understanding each others strength, not being simple minded, egotistical were all things they had as a common ground.

    Well I think rhett had alot more integrity. He was hard like her but had empathy for others something she lacked.

    I would identify with both. Scarlett might get knocked but she always used her falls to gain momentum and strength in her ventures. But I never would have tried to get ahead by being as heartless as her. But being an entrepreneur and trying hand in her interests and not caring about gossip I could relate to on small level. Rhett I could identify with because he was driven like her but he still had blood pumping thru his veins.

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    Scarlet was very high spiritied and charismatic, but she was also incredibly spoilt with the age old "princess syndrome".

    Maybe Rhett stood by and watched her struggle as some sort of a "test" for her, to see if her charisma and spirit could see her through her hardships, or if she would crumble like a spoilt little girl.

    He was both enamoured and repulsed by her, enamoured by her spirit, but repulsed by her brattiness and he tested her to see which side of her would "come out on top".

    That is how I have always understood it.

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    Good question, and a good answer from "cinnamon".

    When Margaret Mitchell wrote her book, she already had a bestseller in mind, and she knew that the lure of the "bad boy" coupled with a girl who needed to be saved from herself would make it a bestseller - only, the image of a demure girl who couldn't think for herself, didn't appeal to the author. So she created Scarlett in the vision of an impetuous girl who sometimes knew what she wanted, and at other times, didn't know what love was, in order to keep the plot interesting.

    What kept them together, is left to the reader's interpretation, because Mitchell doesn't clearly spell out what kept them together . My interpretation is that being impetuous characters, they fell in love with each other for characteristics that they romanticized in each other.

    Wow - too many typos in here, thanks to my jumping cursor.

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    It's been a very long time since I read that book but wasn't she in love with Ashley?

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