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Greg asked in SportsFootball (American) · 7 years ago

Is the 49ers hype getting a little outrageous?

As impressive as it was to see this team everyone thought was a "nobody", come out last season and make a 13-3 name for themselves, are things getting a little carried away?

They beat Green Bay, granted... They're 2-0, count that as well... And last but not least, they have Alex Smith who is slowly but surely improving on the QB system.

Despite this, I'm still seeing quite a few things that appear can be easily taken from them; yes, that includes a victory... Green Bay put up 22 points against them, and Detroit wasn't all that far behind.. I noticed both games were only won by 8 points, so that makes me sit back and think "Could both teams have used better execution to put the 49ers at an 0-2 mark on the season?" - My answer = "Absolutely".

Just keep this in mind, following their hype; they're not the only team to remain undefeated, so I think focus could definitely be placed elsewhere as far as great teams:

-Houston Texans

-San Diego Chargers

-Philadelphia Eagles

-Atlanta Falcons

-Arizona Cardinals

-Denver Broncos

All these teams remain undefeated as well, and I believe there is much more to be proven this season, than just the 49ers "being the best", this early on.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Texans are the only one's on that list that should get just as much hype. Charges struggled against a radiers team that is turning out to be the same ole raiders. Eagles are probably the worst of the 2-0 teams. They have not looked good in any of their two wins. Cardinals would be the surprise 2-0 teams of the group but should not get much attention until they win a few more games. Bronco's and falcons have yet to play 2nd game. If Falcons dominate broncos than i would put them right up with the 49ers.

    And the 49ers defense is the only thing that should be getting all the hype. The offense is still pretty basic to me. A lot of safe easy passes from about 5-8 yards out that turn into big gains. Gore still being a beast. Every once in a while a little bomb to davis who is usually wide open

  • 7 years ago

    No one is saying they are guaranteed to win the super bowl...people are just saying that SO FAR they have looked like the best, and the most complete team in football. Not only did they win their first two games against playoff teams from last year, they held two of the most dynamic offenses in football to 22 and 19 points. You make this sound like a bad thing...but holding either of these teams to 20 points should be considered an accomplishment.

    In my power rankings, I would probably have Houston on top, followed by the 49ers.

    Been a 49ers fan for 15 years...finally nice to see them considered among the league's elite!

  • 7 years ago

    I grew up with the Joe Montana and Jerry Rice 49ers. That was the 49ers that deserved all this attention. Personally yes, I think its o er rated at the moment. I also agree Houston looks like the team to beat

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The 49ers have improved dramatically over the years, they deserve their respect. As of right now they appear to be the best well-rounded team in the league. They aren't great at one thing, but are good at almost everything. That is a super bowl type team.

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  • 7 years ago

    Those two 8-point victories were actually pretty comfortable victories for the 49ers. There really wasn't any danger of them not winning them.

    But it's a long season and stuff happens. It's only week 2.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The hype is coming from people who just noticed them. I saw this defense forming since patrick Willis' rookie year. The offense is just now coming together. Except for Gore, he's been a boss since day 1.

  • 7 years ago

    Luckily for them, they won't encounter a defensive powerhouse for the rest of their season. They'll make the playoffs.

    The challenge for them, surprisingly, is going to be winning their division. Arizona, St. Louis, and Seattle have momentum as well.

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