Moving cross country. Should I pack my furniture or buy new when I get there?

I'm moving 1,300 miles from Florida to New Mexico. I have a two bedroom apartment. It's not a lot to move but I have the following items: one queen size bed, small kitchen table with two chairs, coffee table, small tv cabinet, two dressers, sofa, easy chair and ottoman.

The coffee table, dressers and tv cabinet were things that I assembled myself so they'll break down easy. The mattress and box frame won't be so bad to move since I'll likely need to get one of those small U-Haul trailers than can be pulled behind a car. But that leaves my sofa, chair and ottoman.

I bought the sofa, chair and ottoman three years ago for $1,100. Nice furniture but nothing fancy or elaborate. Especially since this is my first apartment out of college. I don't know if it's worth moving cross country. Right now I should be able to fit everything in my car and U-Haul trailer. A family member possibly might help me with the move and will follow along with a mini van. It this is the case I'll be able to fit everything minus the sofa, ottoman and chair.

What do you think I should do? The furniture isn't brand new anymore. If I want to take it with me, I'll likely have to rent an actual moving truck. I'm sure the truck rental and the diesel to drive 1,300 miles will easily exceed the $1,100 originally paid for the furniture three years ago.

Thanks for your advice!

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    The only way to answer your question is for you to do a cost comparison. First you have to get quotes from at least 3 moving companies. Use the middle quote as your guide and add about 10% to whatever they say.

    Then, go to the stores and get pricing on all the items you would replace if you didn't take the furniture with you.

    Compare the prices and decide for yourself. And don't forget -- if you buy again -- to figure how much time it would take you.

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