what are the cause and effects of launching the new ship state?

___ 1. Census of 1790

A. A protest by poor western farmers that was firmly suppressed by Washington and Hamilton’s army

___ 2. Alexander Hamilton

B. Body organized b the Judiciary Act of 1789 and first headed by John Jay

___ 3. Thomas Jefferson

C. Brilliant administrator and financial wizard whose career was plagued by doubts about his character and belief in popular government

___ 4. James Madison

D. Political party that believed in the common people, no government aid for business, and a pro-French foreign policy

___ 5. Supreme Court

E. Effort that counted 4 million Americans

___ 6. Funding and assumption

F. Skillful politician-scholar who drafted the Bill of Rights and moved it through the First Congress

___ 7. Bank of the United States

G. Institution established by Hamilton to create a stable currency and bitterly opposed by states’ rights advocates

___ 8. Whiskey Rebellion

H. Hamilton’s aggressive financial policies of paying off all federal bonds and taking on all state debts

___ 9. Federalists

I. Harsh and probably unconstitutional laws aimed at radical immigrants and Jeffersonian writers

___ 10. Republicans

J. Crafty French foreign minister who turned form hostile to friendly to Americans during a crisis

___ 11. XYZ

K. Message telling America that it should avoid unnecessary foreign entanglements-a reflection of the foreign policy of its author

Match the person, place, or event in the left column with the proper description in the right column by inserting the correct letter on the blank line.

___ 12. Talleyrand

L. Secret code names for three French agents who attempted to extract bribes from American diplomats in 1797

___ 13. Alien and Sedition Acts M. Washington’s secretary of state and the organizer of a political party opposed to Hamilton’s policies

___ 14. Bill of Rights

N. Ten constitutional amendments designed to protect American liberties

___ 15. Farewell Address O. Political party that believed in a strong government run by the wealthy, government aid to business, and a pro-British foreign policy

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    1) E

    2) C

    3) M

    4) F

    5) B

    6) H

    7) G

    8) A

    9) O

    10) D

    11) L

    12) J

    13) i

    14) N

    15) K

    (see p.4)


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