Do Catholics ever use the name Elizabeth?

I heard a claim somewhere that Catholics refuse to use the name Elizabeth because Queen Elizabeth I was anti-Catholic. Catholics use Mary instead because Queen Mary I was anti-Protestant.

Is this true? If not, does the name Elizabeth exist in Catholic countries such as Italy or Poland?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes, Catholics use the name Elizabeth. The meaning of Elizabeth is 'my God is an oath', which is a very religious meaning. Elizabeth is also the name of John the Baptist's mother as well as the name of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who used her wealth to help the poor.

    My boyfriend's step-mom's name is Elisabetta, which is the Italian version of Elizabeth. She was born in Italy and still lives there today, though nowadays her name is considered vintage and old-fashioned among the Italians. She is Catholic.

    We're not going to not use a name just because of one person's beliefs. Well, with the exception of Lucifer and other Satan-related names like that. That's silly.

    - cнαяʟσттє

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    You've been misinformed.

    Catholics can (and do) use the name Elizabeth. There's St. Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and cousin to Virgin Mary. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first native-born American canonized as a saint. And many other Catholic saints named Elizabeth:

    St. Elisabeth Chong Chong-hye

    St. Elisabeth Tsinn

    St. Elizabeth of Hungary

    St. Elizabeth of Schonau

    Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity

    St. Elizabeth of Portugal

    St. Elizabeth Rose

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    Catholics use the name because there are several saints named Elizabeth.

    Many Catholic hospitals are named after St Elizabeth of Hungary, because she started a hospital and nursed the poor.

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    Of ourse we use the name! Who starts these stupid rumours? We even have a saint named St Elizabeth.My sister has Elizabeth as her middle name.Yes,it comes in different forms in other countries due to the difference in language.

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    8 years ago

    My mums side of the family including my mum are all catholic, and my mums name is Elizabeth. I think it's just a name like any other lol

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    Yess, my sisters name is Elizabeth. So is my gramdmothers

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