TV show Revolution ..............?

Anyone else watch the pilot? I'm not impressed. All of the men have tight shirts and everyone looks really good and clean. Besides that, why can't they use combustion cars and such, but they can still shoot guns.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Even if you accept the premise that something turned off all the electricity, the show doesn't seem realistic in the sense that 15 years later there doesn't seem to be much movement towards steam power. The western world had a vibrant and technologically superior civilization, pre-electricity, that was powered largely by steam...ships, trains, factories, etc. There was also considerable use of hydro and wind power too.

    At least the textile business seems to be continuing, judging from all the fresh and stylish clothes people are wearing.

  • 4 years ago

    I trust both solutions above me. It all began sturdy, and that i became in touch. yet then at the same time as it were given to round episode 5, it appeared like no longer something became happening in each episode and that i have been given bored of it. I struggled and watched some extra episodes, yet in basic terms because there became no longer something else to observe. yet then one week I purely determined i'm now unlikely to placed up with it anymore. considering the fact that your used to a educate as wonderful because the strolling useless, believe me, you'd be bored to tears.

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