How can I make a boat fast?

Im planning on participating in this years Quanta aqua challenge.

Details here:

(im not in cms in case ur wondering)

Anyway I was wondering if anybody had ideas about how to make a boat faster. What design would be best? (I also need to add batteries and stuff so keep that in mind.)

I was thinking of building a boat with a design like the one here:

Is that a good idea? Any others?

Thank you.

Oh and please keep it all simple please.


Oh and what should I build it out of? Wood? Plastic? Something else?

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    Cigarette boats are full-sized boats for offshore racing/coastguard evasion in waves. A deep-V is a good shape for not being smashed apart from hitting waves at 100mph. You are looking at a 12" hull in a swimming pool. Not quite the same problem.

    Try looking for model boat designs. I'm not sure if the full-size designs e.g. hydroplanes scale down. I'd suspect that surface effects like skin drag are more important at small scale than wave drag. Maybe a shark-skin hull would work.

    I'd guess that the steering may be more of a problem. You are going to have to design some kind of robot that can steer a straight line between two ropes preferably without scraping along one all the way.

    Try a simple catamaran 12" long and 8" wide with a bridge to carry all the electronics.

    It looks kind of fun. With Li-Ion batteries available, I suspect the boats will really move compared to the commercial Scalecraft kits I had when I was a kid (2 carbon C-cells)

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    Its depend on your boat select fastest boat .

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