Marvel Comics avengers vs xmen: why are there two phoenix?

One is a mutant messiah called Hope Summers and the other is a fiery bird of destruction. Hope looks like Jean Grey, the phoenix's first host. What's the connection between them?

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    Officially we don't really know yet. There may not be any real connection at all. Hope was originally conceived by Marvel as a reincarnated Jean Grey (explaining why she has green eyes and red hair), but that idea got dropped and Hope became her own character. She was born from a female firefighter in Alaska, but no one knows who her real father is. Some fans think the Phoenix Force might have created the child independently, sort of like an immaculate conception, but this hasn't been confirmed.

    The Avengers vs. X-Men comic series that's just about over was originally supposed to explain exactly where Hope came from and what her connection to the Phoenix was and maybe to Jean as well. So in a couple weeks we may find out.

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    Hope is the granddaughter of Jean Grey. The Phoenix is a cosmic being. When it inhabits someone, that person becomes the Phoenix.

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