what is the translation of coconut love/coconut lover into the hawaiian language?

this will be the name of my cocktail which is a requirement for a class. you can also suggest other names that is Hawaiian with the word coconut on it.thanks a lot!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ku'u aloha niu

    Koo-(short pause)-oo ah-LOH-hah nee-you

    My coconut love

    Aloha wau i nā niu

    Ah-LOH-hah vow (pronounced the same as a wedding "vow") ee NAW nee-you

    I love coconuts

    He aloha niu

    Heh ah-LOH-hah oh NAW nee-you

    A coconut lover

    Wai niu nō ka 'oi

    Vie (like "vie" for attention) nee-you noh kah (short pause)-oy

    Coconut water (or coconut juice) is the best

    Ka mea inu lani mai ka niu

    Kah may-ah ee-new lah-nee my (like "my" coconut) kah nee-you

    The heavenly drink made from the coconut

    If it has alcohol, these might work also

    Ka wai niu 'ona

    Kah vie nee-you (short pause)-oh-naw

    The intoxicating coconut juice (or coconut water)

    Ka lama o ka niu

    Kah lah-mah oh kah nee-you

    The burn of the coconut

    Source(s): Interestingly, I don't like coconuts. Just know that it comes from a long time having to eat and drink from them, but I'm always willing to help others with Hawaiian translations.
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