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What kind of martial arts use swords?

What styles of Martial arts use swords? Particularly swords like the Cutlass (Anything similar to it).

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    Many of them.

    For the use of the cutlass, you might look into historical Western martial arts, but finding people who practice it is hard. An alternative might be the Chinese saber (dao), which is often practiced in Chinese martial arts ("kung fu"), including Choy Lay Fut and Modern Wushu. There are similar short, one-sided blades in the martial arts of Southeast Asia, including Silat, Escrima, Kali, Arnis, and Krabi Krabong. Japanese martial arts, including some schools of Jujitsu, but especially the sword-arts of Kenjutsu/Kendo and Iaijutsu/Iaido, practice primarily with the katana. The Korean art of Kumdo also uses a sword similar to a katana.

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    If you are looking for a "martial art" which uses swords i would suggest gumdo or iaido.Unfortunately almost all martial arts of a asian base use either katanas or swords that require two hands.If you want one handed sword fighting i would;d highly suggest looking up "sca".They are a midevil reenactment group that have mock battles and everything.They use stage sword they're metal but not sharp and they do hit each other when theres protection on.Its really fun.

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    you can apply sabre styles to a cutlass if you take a sabre fencing class. they teach you the parries and footworks as well as the cuts. the only think different is the cutlass is a heavier weapon then those thin sabre blades thats made for sport. just learn to use the momentum of the sword with your wrist to make a strong cut because in sport fencing we dont actually make a hard cut we just tap to set off the electric scoring device.

    some advice. if you dont have a creative mind you wont succeed in martial arts. the teachers or masters can only guide you but you're suppose to go off and improve on your own. so if you're one of those people that listen to your teacher word for word without trying to improvise on whats best for yourself you'll surely fail.

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    Here's a cutlass manual from the US, published in 1869.

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    Yahoo japan never used cutlasses those actually come from Europe

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  • Some kung fu and traditional jujutsu styles teach sword like wudang and kenjutsu.

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