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Do you think that Brian McCann will be with the Braves next year or will he be cut?

I think his contract next year is a team option for 12m salary do you think they will keep him or let him go?


What are you talking about?

Rod Barajas *

Henry Blanco *

Koyie Hill

Chris Iannetta *

Gerald Laird

Russell Martin

Brian McCann *

Jose Molina *

Mike Napoli

Wil Nieves

Miguel Olivo *

Ronny Paulino

A.J. Pierzynski

Humberto Quintero

David Ross

Carlos Ruiz *

Brian Schneider

Kelly Shoppach

Chris Snyder *

Yorvit Torrealba

Matt Treanor *

They are all potential free agents ones with stars near it means there is a team option but still pretty good catchers.

Update 2:

I liked McCann but he lost more then a step he wen't from hitting pretty well for average and power but now he only hits 20 homers and 230. average. I would rather see Carlos Ruiz as the Braves backstop next year

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    I only see 3 catchers on that list that would be upgrades to McCann. Napoli... but he is injury prone and not the 2011 Napoli. Pierzynski... but he is destined for a 50-game suspension next year once he is caught for using PED's. and Ruiz. I see Ruiz switching teams next year because Eric Kratz deserves a starting job, and Tommy Joseph is the future in that position for the Phillies, and I see him getting called up late next year.

    Ross is good enough to start and he's already on the team, but I prefer McCann.

    I think McCann leads the league in day-to-day injuries. He's not durable. He's not consistent. He's not... himself. But he's a franchise guy, You don't dump a guy like him after one bad year.

    The Braves will pick up his team option next year. But, this is his last chance. If he has another year like this one, then he will wear a new uniform in 2014.

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    I honestly don't see the Braves parting with McCann. He's the leading offensive catcher over the past few years, and he's the face of the franchise with Chipper Jones departure after this season. He IS injury prone, but I still think he brings a lot to the team. Out of all the names on that list, I'd only want to see Ruiz as a replacement for McCann. Ross is a decent backup, but he's not starter material. Ruiz has the bat and the game-calling ability that you want to see in a catcher.

    I doubt McCann's option isn't picked up for next year.

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    I think they keep him because when he is healthy and well, he is a great offensive threat and a good catcher of the pitching staff there in Atlanta. Plus if they did cut him loose, what options do they have for a replacement? There are not a whole lot of solid catchers on the market after the 2012 season.

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    I think McCann will be back with the Braves next season because there are not many really

    good catchers in the majors-----not as good as McCann.

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  • 8 years ago

    McCann's pretty good - and most of these free agents that you see are going to be resigned.

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