Kel Tec owners...PF 9 vs. P 11?

I've been looking a some small 9 mms, and generally most people tend to favor the PF 9 because its very concealable.

However, I haven't heard much about the P 11. I know its slightly larger, with a larger ammo capacity, a bit less recoil.

Anyone shot/own both of these? Any comments?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have shot both and ... count me in the PF9 camp. Here's the reason, at least for me, the PF9 is a significantly more shootable pistol. The difference in grip shape and texture makes a noticeable difference to me - the P11 doesn't have less recoil when I shoot it. The difference in triggers that was mentioned definitely is real. The concealment difference is noticeable as well, but is not as significant to me.

    From my perspective a key question really is - what are you looking for? If you are looking for more capacity in a small firearm, then there are now a much wider range of options from the P11. The Bersa someone else mentioned is a nice choice, the Ruger SR9c, the Springfield XD Compact, all of these are choices where you are getting the capacity and not giving up much in terms of size. There are lots of choices which are at least competitive to the P11, if not better.

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    I'm not a huge fan of Youtube reviews but Hickok45 seems reasonably legit and this video was mostly him shooting a number of these small guns. It might be worth a look just to see how they fit in someone's hand.


  • 8 years ago

    Well I'm from the PF-9 camp. The Concealabilty is not it's only strong point. The Tac rail (While short), Is lacking on the P-11. My Insight x2 tac light fits just fine. A night add on in a low light shooting situation like at home. The Lasers sights like those from Laserlyte & Crimson Trace again are made for the PF-9 & not the P-11. Capacity? Your going to cary reload mags any way. The wider mag is bit harder to say slip in a back pocket than the single stack. Would I knock the P-11? Nope. It's larger size may make it a bit more controllable for some.

  • 8 years ago

    Unless Keltec has changed their triggers...the PF9 has about 5.5 pound trigger pull and the P-11 has about 14. That is a fanntastic difference.

    Take a look at Bersa's Thunder 9 UC. Its not much bigger than the P-11, but weighs 23 oz- all metal frame, holds 13 rounds of 9mm and has an excellent da/sa trigger. Its about the same size as their Thunder 380.

  • 8 years ago

    I own a P11 is a better choice in my opinion. It has a higher magazine capacity and is cheaper than the pf9. Ten shots of 9mm in a package about the size of a soda can. Pretty good cross between a pistol with good concealable size and weight with 9mm stopping power. My favorite load for this pistol is the Cor-Bon JHP in the 90 grain 9mm+p. Gives you .40 caliber punch in the little p11.

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