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Should I apply to CUNY? ?

I really want to go to college in New York City and I live in Georgia now. I'm applying to college this winter. I really wanna go to NYU but I can't afford it and Ill apply to Columbia but there's only a 7% acceptance rate. CUNY is much more affordable and I'm confident I can get in.

However, I want to know what kind of neighborhoods CUNY schools are in and whether it's a good choice for out of state students because I've heard out of state people can feel isolated there.

Please help me.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    There are a couple of good CUNY schools depending on what you want to major in.

    City College has a very good engineering program, but the campus is far into Manhattan (Harlem), but it really isn't bad -- this is where i go, and for the most part the people in and around campus are normal and diverse

    Brooklyn College and Hunter College are in Brooklyn and i think they have good programs for teaching or law or something like that. I live in Brooklyn but I'm not really sure what those exact neighborhoods are like, but i do have friends that go there and they have a good time. It's going to be populated though, so if you're not used to large groups of people it may be difficult to adjust to.

    Then there's Queen's College and CSI. Staten Island is less populated and not as fun as the city (most people hate Staten Island) and also their college isn't seen as one of the stronger Cuny's.

    All are relatively cheap, which is why i go to City College

    For the most part you're going to be going to college in or around cities, but there's so many diverse cultures you shouldn't really stick out like a sore thumb. Though you're gonna have to get used to navigating through the different cities or boroughs.

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