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Chances at West Point?

I am attenting a prestigeous catholic school in eastern massachusetts.

Cadet major in Civil Air patrol

Working towards pilot's licence

Taken ten ap courses including calculus BC and Physics C

Unwieghted GPA 3.77

Economics club member

Varsity tennis captain with letter

JV golf

Student council vice-president

National honor society member

On a competitive shotgun shooting team since seventh grade. Been to nationals and trained with the US army marksmanship unit in georga.

Completed summer leadership seminar.

Senator nomination.

Average CFA score of accepted cadets

What are my chances at getting accepted into west point? Thank you for your time.

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    West Point admits around 1200 candidates a year out of probably 10 times that about that apply. You need every edge you can get. It is going to probably come down to your letters of recommendation, not from teachers, but from prominent figures. My recommendation is to find the congressional candidate in your area who you think will win the election and volunteer at his campaign headquarters and see if you can get him to know your name to write a letter for you later this year. Also if you know any current of retired military generals to get a recommendation from that would probably help as well.

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    You keep asking this, and the first time, you said you were an 8th grader, so that would mean that you DON`T have all of this. So how do you know this will go exactly as planned? Quit asking it, it`s against the Y!A rules, OK?

    You have a 0% chance because you don`t have any of that.

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    Cant get much better

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