Comparison of Lithuania and Latvia?

Between Lithuania and Latvia, which country would be better to visit? Which language is easier to learn for someone who speaks Russian and English? What are the pros/cons of each nation and its capital?

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    8 years ago
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    Lithuania is larger than Latvia by economy, geographical size, and population. Generally, Lithuania is a bit closer to the Slavic countries, due to a commonwealth with Poland, and the Lithuanian language was heavily Polonized during that time.

    The two languages are similar, but Lithuanian is less changed than Latvian, more archaic and conservative, so Latvian might be a bit easier. Virtually the entire Lithuanian population above 35 speaks Russian, but there's a much, much smaller ethnic proportion of Russians in Lithuania than in Latvia.

    Pros/cons: Riga is a bigger city than Vilnius, and generally more well-known and important to the world. However, Vilnius boasts a myriad of cultural events and a steady population, while the population of Riga is declining. Living in Vilnius is also cheaper. I don't want to get any more subjective, so I gave you the facts.

    Good luck, hope I helped. To be honest, they're both great cities / countries and I'd recommend visiting both, if that's possible.

    PS. I'm Lithuanian

    Links that might help: (Website of Vilnius municipality, English) (Website of Riga municipality, English)

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    I was in Latvia just once and I can't say about it very much,but I'm living in Lithuania and I love this country a lot.I suggest you to visit Lithuania,it's really very beautiful land! Of course the best would be in summer,but do it how you want.

    Both languages is really quite similar,but if you speak in english in russian latvian would be easier..

    What about pros..If you prefer big cities like New York,Vilnius or others lithuanian cities aren't for you.But they are very cute and pretty anyway.Also our beer is fantastic and in Lithuania you can visit the middle of Europe.Vilnius' Old Town is very beautiful(In 1994 the Vilnius Old Town was included in the UNESCO world heritage list).

    Cons..Maybe not all people speak in english,most russian(I think you know why).Also if you are staying in Vilnius and want to go to the sea,you would have to cross the whole country.And the nightlife isn't very big. And you won't find a very hot weather there like in Spain,of course sometimes in summer we get veery hot days.

    Hope I helped :)

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    8 years ago

    Tallking about languages. Both languages are Baltics languages so I think the difference between this two languages are not big. Maybe Lithuanians easier learn Latvian than Latvians learn Lithuanian. So any language you speak to learn Latvian or Lithuanian would be the same. And my native language is Lithuanian.

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