cockroaches in business?

Got a roach problem at a gym. Its just in our locker rooms, which are fairly dry. There is a strict no food policy except for the lobby and although we don't patrol the lockerroom, we're never picking up crumbs or anything like that.

Its been going on for a week; members just reported it since we keep the place clean. They assumed it was a few randoms that found their way into the building. It seems like they set up shop though.

Not really sure what would be attracting them. The locker room does get wet towards the showers, but between the dehumidifiers and the drains, the rest of it stays pretty dry and the area the roaches are are almost ALWAYS completely dry.

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  • 8 years ago
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    well they are there for a reason, not just by accident, there is something there that they like. i knew someone who had roaches in their kitchen, they took everything out, cleaned it really well and used advion roach gel and after about 2 weeks or so they were gone but you gotta try to clean it up really well.

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