what is Susan Glenn. and sorry if I spelled it wrong.?

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  • AJ
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    8 years ago
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    Susan Glenn is an Internet slang term used to describe the “it” girl; she is “the one”, and usually the one that got away. Susan Glenn is considered to be all encompassing and the true definition of perfection. Susan Glenn is THE girl, the one that got away. Not just a girl, but the girl – A female who possesses a combination of physical and behavior characteristics that make her infinitely desirable to a man or boy. Susan Glenns are held up as nearly untouchable, and their very being creates vast emotions in the men who covet them.

    The phrase “Susan Glenn” made its Internet debut on The Online Slang Dictionary in early May 2012. In mid May 2012, Susan Glenn started to pop up in places like Yahoo Answers and a few blogs, including MySusanGlenn.com and Professor Xavier’s Blog.

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