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What happened between Tonya Harding & nancy kerrigan?

I don't watch figure skating and never will but I keep hearing about this even though its VERY old news.

What REALLY happened? And are there pictures of Nancy's injuries on her knees? I seen a clip on Youtube of the incident but I didn't see ANYTHING wrong with her knees, they weren't bleeding or anything at all!

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    Tonya Harding hired a thug to hit Nancy Karrigan in the knee so she couldn't compete in a skating competition. Karrigan screamed "WHY ME?"

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    You can Google it: It is old, it was a MESS....Nancy Kerrigan was favored to win the US Figure Skating Championships in 1994 when an assailant clubbed her in the knee with a metal baton. Soon her rival Tonya Harding was linked to the attack and Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gilloly by the FBI. Eventually Harding confessed she knew of the attack and the Olympic committee tried to expel her from the team. Harding filed a 25 million dollar lawsuit. This is only a little of what happened...

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    Tonya's husband hired a guy to bust Nancy's knee cap with a police baton in 1994. Nancy recovered quickly but Tonya's life was ruined.

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    Hate, jealous and *greed, since then Tonya has had a new baby, actually recently and N. K, is back home acting like mommy again, (but I believe both are teaching ice skating lessons) in their spare time.

    Source(s): The article never mentioned *Tonya's husband, or the baby's father, but she looked pretty happy in the photo. Isn't it funny how life goes on, even under these horrible publicity events, it's kinda funny, but just so irrelevant to the way life *should play out, *I feel.
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