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So I applied for disability last year and was initially denied because of lack of medical evidence proving my case. The problem is, even at the time of my accident I didn't have insurance coverage and access to treatments I need to get well, as well as the MRI's and X-rays necessary to prove my case. So I appear to be caught in a catch 22. I filed a lawsuit against the insurance company of the guy who hit me (hit and run) and was able to get some initial care on "leans" but after the case settled I was left still needing treatment and financial help. Any ideas on what I can do to get access (with no insurance) to see the doctors I need to see and get all the tests done necessary to prove my disability valid?

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    you are going to have to do some research to find low-cost medical providers who are willing to work with an uninsured patient

    an example in Birmingham, AL is Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.. it has mostly out-patient services (the inpatient beds have been whittled down from @ 300 to only 11 due to budget cuts)

    bear in mind that you might still have to pay (@ here, someone with zero income still has a $35 co-pay to see a doctor & $100 co-pay for ER --- this is for zero income up to @ $4,000 per year... it goes up from there....)

    and also bear in mind that it could take many months to get in to see anyone.... my bf applied to Mercy for assistance after starting up with a cardiac problem that caused him to no longer be able to work..... the earliest "emergency outpatient" primary care appointment is in November (and this was in June)... and the earliest "emergency outpatient" cardiac appointment is in March (this was also set in June) --- and the only reason those appointments are not longer than a year away is because of "over-ride to emergency referral" given by the ER department after him having been treated in ER 8 times in 2 months.

    The low-income/no-income/no-insurance options are extremely limited.... and they are over-run with patients who are unemployed or otherwise uninsured... unfortunately, this is the way of the current economic problems & is true in many areas of the US

    Added note: his "primary care" physician for the last 2 years while he has been low-income & without insurance is Christ Health Center... and his mental health provider is Eastside Mental health... the reason I mention these two (neither have access to x-rays, MRIs or anything like that).... is because we found out about them by talking with our local Senior Citizen Center... even thought he is not even 30.... they knew about resources in the community ----- when we contacted those 2 providers, it took a few months to get his first appointment... but it has worked out okay for him

    neither of those are free... but the cost isn't to bad (@ $50 for Christ Health including bloodwork & @ $65 per month for Eastside with one monthly counseling and once every three month psychiatrist)

    If, in theory, he needed to file SSDI/SSI.. he would have sufficient medical records because he has been regularly seen by doctors

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    The only place I can think of is the county welfare office where you can apply for Medicaid. However they will probably require you to file for social security and/or ssi disability again. One of the requirements for entitlement to disability is that your disability alone prevents you from working for at least a year - not that you are unemployed for any other reason. If you are working and earning $1010 or more a month you would also not be entitled to benefits.

    I am not aware of any other assistance.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
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