Samsung Galaxy s3 vs iPhone 5?

I have a phone contract which is ending in 8 months (it was a 24 month contract). I bought a phone on this contract about 16 months ago however i got quickly bored of it and spent £500 on an iphone because it had just come out (i sold the other one).

Now the iPhone 5 is coming out and its not even been a year since i got the 4s.. But i want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 because its easily available at the moment. I would have to wait for the iPhone 5 because its not out yet

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  • Jen
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    7 years ago
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    Well overall the s3 is better. The iPhone 5 (aka the long phone) is newer but it's the same phone as the 4s just taller and has an extra row of icons.

    Is it worth the £500....?? To me NO WAY!

    You will definitely find a better and much cheaper deal on the s3 which is factual a more powerful and advanced phone

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  • 7 years ago

    These phone are not in the same league............ too short?

    Ok simple but lengthy reasoning so stay with me.

    The multi award winning smartphone in 2011 is (was) the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. No other phone including the IP4S has won more awards even USAIN! PENDLETON, HOY, WIGGINS.

    The iPhone4S was NOT the best DUAL CORE phone, the IP5 IS yet another DUAL CORE phone by the same maker. To be clear the IP5 IS A DUAL CORE PHONE

    The IP5 is IMO the IP4GS [ IP4S PLUS 4G the LTE] and Simultaneous HD video and image recording which is already on at least 3 other phones

    Here they are side by side the '4GS' and 4S you should note the size has increased ALSO THINNER but the weight has decreased exactly 20%! So is it durable?

    The price paid or tariffs commanded (no demanded) by iPhones...on any every network defy logic and gravity (I am sure 49% certain I saw one of the tariffs it will command being beamed down by NASA MARS ROVER... yeah astronomical)****

    This I really do find funny

    If you've got any existing iPhone accessories you want to keep using with the new iPhone 5, which has a smaller charger port, Apple is selling an adaptor. This Lightning to 30-pin adaptor costs £25......Apple is selling an adaptor NOT PROVIDING?


    Briefly the 3 things that set these phones apart are 1) TARIFFS 2) Micro sd expansion AND 3) battery, 4) TARIFFS (sic)

    re the SGS2, The battery CAN be removed so you CAN buy a spare as backup

    The 3GS is NOW discontinued the IP4 is now only available 8Gb in 2013/4 will be discontinued , all Iphones so far have had NON removable batteries.

    An SGS2 means you have Bluetooth! You have a microSD expansion (no PLUS £100.00 for an extra 16GB with only 5Gb iCloud is free ) ...The I9100 SGS2 has true multitasking.

    E.g. SGS II can be expanded to 48GB by the purchase of a just one Class 10 (highest rating) micro SD card costing approx £20.00 remember you are not limited to one card

    Another 16Gb on an iphone is another phone literally [I didn't even make that one up]

    So here side by side the IP4GS (as i like to call it) -v - SGS 3

    The comprehensive and impartial review has not been prepared for the IP5 (NEW) but do check out even just pages one of SGS 2; SGS 3; reviews

    **** Are there any new features ? more efficient money extraction, same hype....₡€$£

    I thought the IP4S tariffs were staggering but that was just a rehearsal, handset prices are

    £529.00 for the 16GB IP5

    £599.00 for the 32GB IP5

    £699.00 for the 64GB IP5

    Approx £200.00 is the amount YOU would have to pay as you will NOT get the now reduced price for a new IP4S handset and will have to pay

    Source(s): phone GSM
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  • 7 years ago

    Galaxy s3 hands down.

    with the iphone you get that new port connection that renders all your accessories useless. ($25 adapter doesnt work with all of them)

    the galaxy uses the universally used micro-usb, so that you can use almost any charger on your phone.

    Galaxy s3 features

    Quad core processor.

    Several days of battery life.


    better notifications


    Better camera with more features such as burst mode.

    Will soon get Android 4.1 jellybean.

    Turn by turn voice navigation (said to be superior to apple maps)

    Better Customization

    Built in FM radio

    Play videos and text at the same time.

    Micro SD card. Double your storage size.

    NFC. Use your phone as a credit card and more

    Multiple buttons.

    4.8 inch super AMOLED plus display.

    Open source market. You can download torrents and emulators.

    More durable. Uses polycarbonate instead if glass.

    The iPhone has none of these features and is only popular because of the brand... its way too common these days anyways.

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  • 7 years ago

    Everyone seems to be in favour of the s3...... The Iphone 5 has more features than a extra set of icons. Sure, it's not terribly different from the 4s, but no one can deny the beauty of Ios and the fragmentation of android. Stick with the 4S. It still has a great operating system, huge app store, great camera and a lovely screen.

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  • 7 years ago

    Personally I like the NFC on the S3, I have been waiting for the 5 and now it's out and it has no HFC I think ill be goin for the S3, although the 5 looks better quality.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Both phones are great, but i would say the iphone 5. Way better build quality, will hold its resale value way better and it now has 4g lte. Im pre ordering it tomorrow. Black 32gb sprint! But the galaxy does have a ton of features.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Wait for the iPhone 5S.

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