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Florida laws on knife carry?

Hi. I just recently turned 15 and I was at a store in the mall. They sold really really cool knives and I saw some butterfly knives. I already own one because my grandpa passed it down to me. Im filipino, btw. I do not carry it around unless i am walking around a sketchy place at night or something. I want to buy a knife for my cousin and he is 23. I cannot ask him to come with me because he is coming home from NY or have someone old enough for me todo it. I do not know how old you have to be to buy a knife though even if I wont be carrying it around myself.

Im sorry this was long to read

Thank you! All answers appreciated

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    U must live in a dangerous area to feel it's necessary to carry around a knife for protection. I was born and raised in Detroit and carrying a weapon around have never crossed my mind

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