What are my chances looking like for a transfer?

I am hoping to transfer to a different university in the fall of 2013 for a better economics program. I love economics, and I feel that I am extremely limited and uninterested at this Canadian university. I would like to transfer to Harvard to learn from Greg Mankiw ideally, but we all know their acceptance rates so I am applying to around 10 other universities/colleges.

This year I am taking Micro/Macroeconomics, Honors Calculus I & II, Honors Linear Algebra I & II, Newtonian Mechanics, Chemistry, and two English courses. I am going to try my absolute hardest to come out with a 4.0 GPA, which seems quite feasible so far. As for involvement in the university, I am the President of a newly founded US politics student group (with 10 members), and I volunteer. As for activities, I trade stocks and I have had an extensive martial arts history, as well as 10 years of piano. My high school grades were all A+'s and all AP's. I am writing the SAT test and two subject tests in October/November. I hope to get >2200 and ideally >2300 on the SAT test, and I should get 800 on both of the subject tests.

That sums up the major stuff; what do you think? What could I work on? I really want to get a good US economics degree.

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    It kind of depends on the transfer universities, which are not named. Berkeley, with five Economics Nobel Prize winners in the past 30 years has the highest ranked Economics department that offers a reasonable chance of transfer admission. Most of the same Investment Banks and Management Consultants that recruit at ivy leagues also come and recruit at Berkeley. Berkeley only accepts transfers at the junior level and if there is a need for financial aid, that will not be available as it would at Harvard or any of the other top ranked private universities.



    UC's give significant preference in admissions to applicants from California community colleges, next priority goes to international and out of state students, third priority goes to California residents already attending four year universities.

    Find community college at "School Reports" tab to view admission rate and academic profile of students enrolled at Berkeley and other UC's:


    Could always transfer to a California community college like Berkeley City College this January and then apply as a community college transfer. Tuition at community colleges for international students is around $3,000 per semester. Can obtain a Berkeley library card for $25.00/semester; can join the RSF for a fairly nominal fee, allows one to join intramural teams, sports clubs, martial arts program etc


    Community college students can live in the Coops:


    You'd have an even better chance of being admitted to Berkeley as a Math or Applied Math major and could then declare a double major in the first semester. Transfer students are only allowed to apply for acceptance to the Econ major during the Fall semester and must take an Econ Theory class at Berkeley to apply for the major. That Econ theory class could be taken over the summer and a Fall transfer taking a class over the summer could actually apply twice for admission to the major, during the Summer and the first Fall. Math and Applied Math are not impacted majors and there are no restrictions on applying. Berkeley's Math Department is generally considered the best or second best in the world.


    For students who hope to do graduate work in Economics or Finance, Math or Applied Math with a few Econ classes is considered better preparation than an Econ Major. The most important classes in the Econ major are the Intermediate level Micro and Macro Theory classes. At Berkeley, undergrads are allowed to take graduate level Econ classes.

    US News at the undergrad level uses criteria that make it virtually impossible for a public university to rank in the top 20 and does not directly consider the quality of the faculty. At Berkeley and most universities, the same faculty teach graduates and undergraduates. Their graduate rankings consider the quality of the faculty and are helpful.



    Besides Berkeley, among the Universities with top ranked Economics Departments, Northwestern offers the best chance of transfer admission, then Chicago, Penn and Columbia. A 1400 Sat Cr + Math and ether three AP exams with a grade of 5 or three Sat Subject Exams with a grade of 700 qualifies for admission to Oxford. Cambridge suggest a grade of 5 on 5 AP Exams. Same financing issues as Berkeley.



    Good Luck!

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