A question for black women who decided to wear their real hair after years of wearing wigs or weaves?

I am black women and i have been wearing wigs and wigs for years and now i want to grow my real hair but since i am used to wear wigs i feel naked and weird without one and i feel less attractive.I am not ashamed of my hair but i am just used wearing wigs

So is there any women who had to do this transition

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  • 9 years ago
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    If snoop dogg and katt wiliams can grow hair am sure you can.. seriously i get a hair cut like every two weeks in the summer, perhaps you messed yours up with all those wigs and weaves you put in. This type of beauty is really up to what society says it is, so it's natural that you feel unattractive, you are not represented in the media( public scale), so you feel out of place..p.s there is nothing wrong with straightening your hair. every woman does it.

  • 4 years ago

    i used to be, yet then I observed how he acted on the controversy shows he went on final week speaking with regard to the movie. how can you do a movie approximately black hair and then now not even comprehend what is going on on on your companion's head? i'm now not paying to work out a movie that pushes the myth that black women human beings can not have their own hair and it truly is long the two comfortable or organic. He ought to have went on youtube and notice what proportion have surely hair this is previous their shoulders. Oprah will ought to have executed a bigger job then basically say that she has long hair b/c of her stylist. everybody needs to do a practice on how black women human beings have control to enhance their own hair w/o the help of a stylist. in addition they should point out that genetics have not got something to do w/ how long your hair grows if so i might have ear length hair and not already earlier shoulder. My best situation with the final way Chris acted on the show replaced into as quickly as how "surprised" he was once that Oprah's hair was once all hers and how his hands "thirst" for long hair. He ought to have delivered out black adult men who the two brush their hair a 1000 situations to get waves, or those like possibility that isn't enable their hair be sizeable b/c it truly is "nappy". Black women ain't the only ones caught up of their hair. i don't recognize entire i'm basically quite pissed off with this movie getting as plenty press because it has. Imho the only basically precise this movie can placed across is probably if black human beings attempt to get gifted approximately their hair. basically Google in "black hair care" and you'd be surprised at what you to locate. Shirley should feel embarrassment approximately herself for the crap crammed letter she wrote to Oprah on why black adult men decide for white women. i'm sorry yet whilst everybody purposely marries a race b/c of the form of hair they have have been given, then they have some themes and can you particularly must be with everybody like that.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Go do it,you are gonna have to accept yourself

  • 9 years ago

    put ur hair in a bun, thats it....

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