What is the name of the neckline of Katie Holmes' dress in the first daughtermovie?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Katie Holmes wore several evening gowns and day dresses in the film, First Daughter. I'm not sure which dress you're are referring to.

    Yahoo images~Katie Holmes~First Daughter:


    Look through the image link and edit in with which dress.

    The white one with the 2 inch straps at the top would just be considered a low squared neckline.

    The Halter dress in blueish grey is a halterneck.

    The purple evening gown is low cut square with extended "V" neckline.

    (really beautiful)

    This could also be referred to as a smooth, lowcut square, with extended "V" neckline. The bust and torso part of this dress has a corset-style design..and could also be referred to as 'corset-style'.

    The white and floral-ish cotton day dress appears to be a classic, Peter Pan collared neckline.

    The very pale pink evening gown with very thin spaghetti straps (also very pretty) is a lowcut sweetheart neckline.

    Edit in if it's not one of those.

    Neckline guide~formals, gowns and party dresses:


    GreatestLook~neckline style GUIDE identification:


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