If possible, would Ted Turner invest or be apart of TNA or ROH? If ROH, a ROH TBS/TNT TV deal?

Which would be more of a reality?

Ted Turner/TNA joint venture:

Ted Turner working w/ Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett in TNA (Total Nonstop Action) or with Jim Cornette at Ring Of Honor. If with TNA, Ted Turner's and Dixie Carter's assets combined with a Ted Turner and SPIKE T.V. joint venture would be something to see.

Ted Turner/ROH joint venture:

If he works with ROH, Ted Turner and the legendary booker, manager, and current Executive Producer for ROH, Jim Cornette along with the possibly of ROH being televised on TBS or TNT would be a great concept. Ted Turner's investments combined with Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) would be great as well and could improve the production of ROH.

I sure TBS and TNT miss having a Pro Wrestling program on their channel. Although he sold Turner Entertainment Company, Inc. ( Turner Broadcasting System), he is still one of the richest men in the United States. and still have a love for "Rasslin". It's just with WCW, yeah he owned it but bad bookers, producers, angles and "Over The Hill" Pro Wrestlers that did not want to give up their spot killed WCW. TNA and ROH both have been around longer than WCW and ECW. So they got to be doing something right. They are both improving SLOWLY. You can see TNA is phasing out the the Pro Wrestlers that's in their late 40's and older. It will take time with bot promotions, but Ted Turner can give either one of them that push that they need.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I doubt it, nothing's stopping him from investing in those things, I just think he doesn't feel like it anymore. WCW was like his baby, it was the only hit program TBS had when he first bought it. I don't think he cares to get back into the business.

  • 8 years ago

    WCW's history goes back to the 1940's as part of Jim Crockett Promotions started by Jim Crockett Senior. After his death Jim Crockett Junior took over and owned/operated WCW until he sold it to Ted Turner in the very late 80's. I could write a book about why WCW went out of business but that's not what you're asking about.

    At this point ROH would benefit MUCH more than would TNA. Mostly because Turner has the pull to get ROH on national TV and into as many homes as the WWE. And he's a billionaire with the money to give ROH everything it needs to succeed at the national level. But I don't think his heart is in it anymore. If he still wanted to be "in the rasslin business" he would never have left it.

    The major roadblock is AOL Time Warner (the parent company) doesn't want pro wrestling so even if Turner does buy a wrestling promotion he couldn't get it shown on AOL Time Warner channels. That's not THAT big of a problem, though; there are lots of other networks to negotiate with.

    TNA is doing fine. TNA fans are satisfied with the direction TNA is taking, and even WWE fans are taking off their blinders and seeing that TNA ain't so bad after all. They're progressing at a faster pace than the WWF did when Vince Junior took over in 1983.

    ROH, though, after leaving HDNet, took a side step signing with Sinclair. People originally thought (and hoped) that Sinclair would be the answer to getting ROH shown all over the country. That didn't happen. The deal with Sinclair hasn't gotten ROH any more exposure than the deal with HDNet.

    I don't think Turner wants to be in the wrestling business anymore but if he did, even though ROH would benefit more, I believe he'd align himself with TNA to renew his business rivalry with Vince McMahon, and to right some wrongs that happened (to WCW) after Turner was no longer able to oversee things.

  • 8 years ago

    I would prefer him to invest in ROH, I would defintely watch more ROH if it was on a tv channel i actually got, plus it would definitely help the company

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