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Imam in Florida says Pastor Terry Jones is not a true Christian. Christians, do you agree?

If you agree that Terry Jones does not represent Christians everywhere, can you also understand that terrorists who claim to be Muslims do not represent most followers of Islam?

Aren't Christianity and Islam both religions of peace? And the terrorists who are Muslims or Christians are simply criminals, and not the faces of their respective religions?

Or perhaps many of you think Terry Jones is correct, and is a good Christian and a fine American. Tell us why, please.




In the article, Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida states,

"I know he is not a man of faith. He's not a true Christian. He claims to be a pastor, but he is furthest from that title. The man is after fame."


Waldo asks, "Yes, but how many Muslims will speak out against these Islamic extremists"

FYI, there are entire websites, created by Muslims, listing article after article Muslims have written to denounce extremism and terrorism done in the name of Islam. Start here:

Update 2:

I was attempting to highlight the fact that it seems hard for many Christians to recognize that Muslims doing awful things "in the name of Islam" do not represent Islam, any more than than Pastor Jones represents Christianity. While many Muslims do believe that Jones and other Koran-burners ARE typical Christians, it's great to hear Islamic leaders like Imam Musri say NO, those are not true Christians. More Christian and Jewish leaders ought to follow the Imam's example and remind their congregations that Islam does not equal violence, and peaceful Muslims should not be lumped in with the Muslim extremists.

It's hard to choose best answer, but jehen wins for mentioning The Three Wise Guys. While this topic seems to belong in the R&S category, I think that if more religious leaders of different faiths worked to promote religious tolerance like the Wise Guys do, it would go a long way to resolving political problems that result from religious differences.

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    Completely. Jones is untrained, unschooled in the bible, and a self promoter in the extreme. Jones knows little of Christianity and nothing of Islam and couldn't care less to know. But Imam Musri knows Christianity. He sits on the Interfaith council is part of a panel dubbed "The Three Wise Guys - Friends Talking Faith" (Imam Musri, Rev. Fulwider, Rabbi Engel) These gentleman are the epitome of learned faith and respect for other faiths. Jones "faith" is a twisted, self-ascribed perversion of Christianity. He would not recognize the Golden rule, or any lesson in the Gospels or Epistles unless there was TV camera or a donation check attached to it.

  • clora
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    nicely i do no longer evaluate Pastor Jones to be a solid christian. i do no longer evaluate people who're in charge for 9/11 to be solid muslims the two. yet then i'm an atheist, so am finding at this from the exterior and that i'm no longer blinded via religion.

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    Yes, I agree with the Imam on Jones' Christinity, but Jones represents about 20 followers, whereas, fundamentalist Muslim terrorists represent thousands (if not more) who definitely do not believe in a religion of peace.

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    Listen,as a fundamentalist,non-denominational Christian,I don't endorse the 451 fahrenheit action on the Quran,cartoon depictions or obscene film presentations of Islam's prophet Mohammad but Neither do I approve of Paul Verhoeven's blasphemous "Jesus of Nazareth"...

    The difference is,that when Christians are upset,they communicate vocally their displeasure or stage a luncheon engagement at a local Chicken sandwich joint...When Muslims are upset abroad,they burn flags,stone people,throw rocks at military vehicles,burn U.S. Presidents in effigy,plan precision, foreign embassy attacks,murder and rape innocent individuals and run a round screaming and yelling like very uncivilized people.

    I don't know Terry Jones personally,his genuinity as a Christian nor am authorized to judge his eternal destiny...My take on it,is that he is genuine but misguided in his defense of the Christian faith...

    And no,Islam is Not a religion of peace...There are however,peace loving Muslims,inclusive of Sufi's and other factions of Islam..

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes , I agree with that . Terry Jones is a fear mongering piece of $hit. True Christians teach forgiveness , not the hate that comes from that scum .

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    I absolutely agree with the Imam. Jesus told his disciples that when they went out into the world to spread his story, if anyone rejected it they should simply shake off the dust from their shoes and go on to the next place. He didn't say throw mud at their windows or put up billboards criticizing their religious belief.

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    A Christian is anyone who believes in the Jesus story and worships him as their savior. A GOOD Christian is one who follows in his footsteps.

  • 8 years ago

    I'd expect just such a hypocritical gesture from a Christian

    Source(s): I say throw all of the rest of the stupid religious books on the pile with it
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, but how many Muslims will speak out against these Islamic extremists

    Why all the thumbs down, you know they won't speak out.

    I may be wrong did this Imam speak out against the embassy murders

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I agree, I also believe that gwb is not a true Christian, if he had been he would nOT have sent our troops in harms way for lies.

    Just one man's opinion.....MINE....

    Source(s): I served while he hid.
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