Who should I trade for Eli?

I need qb help. Who should I offer for Eli. His best RB is Isaac redman and his best WR is v Jackson

QB- Roethlisberger/Ponder

RB-McFadden/Donald brown/jaquizzi Rodgers/Kevin smith/hillman

WR-welker /Antonio brown/Brandon Marshall/ashlon Jeffery/josh Gordon/Andrew Hawkins

TE-Brent celek/kellen Davis

DE-Allen/shear/ chandler jones

DT-Geno Atkins/ simone pouha/Derek wolffe

LB-poslusny/fletcher/Woodyard/Bruce carter

DB-George Wilson/J McCourty/J Jenkins/babineaux/a Winfield/e wright

16 team h2h ppr. So the waiver wire is scarce

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  • 8 years ago
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    Generally, I am anti-trading.

    That said, the best way to evaluate this trade is to say: OK, what will Eli give me that Roethlisberger doesn't. And honestly, though Eli had a good year last year, aren't they pretty much at the same level as far as QBs go? I mean, you have the first year QBs: Brady, Rodgers, Romo. Then you have a second tier: and that's both Eli and Ben (in my opinion). Maybe Eli has more upside, but not enough to justify giving him any of your star good players. You could use another good RB though, but doesn't seem like he has anything to offer you.

  • 8 years ago

    Why do you need QB help? In a league this large, everybody is going to be weak somewhere and the 2 you have should be fine in the right matchups. Ben is at home this week vs the Jets, possibly minus Revis. He's a great start. And Ponder is looking better with every week that passes.

    But on the trade, if his best RB is Redman, he's a disaster there, but the only RBs I'd give up for Eli are Hillman and Rodgers. You could try that, I suppose. But the other 3 are too valuable to trade for a mid level QB, and once the other Detroit RBs return, Smith loses a lot of value, so you may need them yourself. I'd stay put.

    Also, on your IDPs, you don't say how many you start, but never carry more than 2 DTs, even if you start 2. Unless you have Ngati (sp) they never give you many points. And you're a little heavy at DB, as well. Where you need the most depth is LB.

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