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What are some good songs to drum to?

I'm lookin for some songs of all different genres, especially, GOSPEL. I go to my friends church(he's hispanic and goes to a..multi-cultural church, for lack of a better term.) I hear him play some of the coolest grooves, do some of the most interesting fills, and just rock it completely. I'm really looking for something I can do that with! He'll do some really fun stuff, like, he'll do a roll that we'll lead into a snare hit and a crash hit. I love that and I would love to practice, so if anyone has any songs that are full of that stuff I'd love to know! I've heard it most in Gospel music..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Gospel music:

    1 Before The Morning -- Josh Wilson 2 More Beautiful You -- Jonny Diaz

    3 Fragile People -- Sons Of Day 4 Better Than a Hallel... -- Amy Grant

    5 Can Anybody Hear Me -- Meredith Andrews 6 Feel The Light -- Britt Nicole

    7 Lead Me To The Cross -- Cassie Curtis 8 Sea of Faces -- Kutless

    9 Who Am I -- Casting Crowns 10 All Because of Jesus -- Casting Crowns

    11 Every Man -- Casting Crowns 12 Lift Me Up -- The Afters

    13 Light Up The Sky -- The Afters 14 Steady Now -- Brandon Heath

    15 Now More Than Ever -- Brandon Heath 16 Wire -- Third Day

    17 Yours Alone -- Phil Wickham 18 Rebirthing -- Skillet

    19 Everything I Hoped Y... -- Bebo Norman 20 Eye Of The Hurricane -- Me in Motion

  • 5 years ago

    Probably the most defining drumbeat in music is "50 methods to leave Your Lover" by way of Paul Simon. I under no circumstances understood the infatuation with Neil Pert, he has technical talent, however he handiest suggests that on his jazz files when he rocks a 5 piece. With Rush it is just various flare and speed exercises, now not sort or the potential to carry a tune. He is not exactly a fine drummer, he has simply offered numerous records and impressed a number of layman. The funny factor is Phil Collins is a a lot better drummer however he in no way will get the credit score. Lamentably, quite a few drummers do not gain knowledge of concept so that they lack the understanding of what a guy like Gadd, chum wealthy or Dave Weckyl are doing. It can be unfortunate.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago has a Worship section with drumless tracks. Additionally, the owner (me) will be adding another 30 drum play alongs in that section as well.

    If that isn't enough, there are over 800 drumless songs on the site in a variety of genres that will probably cover most of your needs.

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