Christians ONLY: Why do atheists refuse to accept truth that hits them in the face?

Christians only:

why do atheists call whatever proof we have a lie and whatever lies they have proof? why does their "proof" make no sense whatsoever, defy so many laws of science, and logic itself?

(christians, dont even bother reading the below section. and before anybody who is an atheist that reads the below section, i am not responsible for the butthurt that results. you have been warned, and it is now not my fault if your jimmies get all russled. i even said in the question's title "christians ONLY".)

and people who are calling the bible a lie that chose to answer this with ignorance, bigotry (no, i am not the ignorant or bigot or liar or one with no logic here. it is those who deny god. not defy. deny. such as refuse to believe he exists, or call him an idiot if he does exist, call him stupid, etc. everybody defies god, nobody perfectly obeys except for the son of god, the messiah, jesus. but those who deny are the ignorant ones and the bigoted ones, the ones who tell secular and liberal lies and throw logic out the window and replace it with those blatant liberal, secular lies are the ignorant and bigoted ones. not i, nor those who accept christ, nor those who acknowledge his existence as the almighty.) no logic, and lies : do you call your existence a lie? perhaps, some people are unintelligent enough to say that. but the bible explains your very existence and gives you direct proof from eyewitnesses, jesus, disciples, etc. god himself wrote the 10 commandments. why do you refuse your creators orders and all that is sane and logical?

Atheism exists so that atheists can say good things about their bad habits.

Atheism is broken and can't provide:

1. Objective reason to live

2. Objective source of moral authority

3. Answer to death

these three problems i just posed cannot be solved with anything, even lies. not free thinking, not lies, not anything. atheism lacks too many things to be a religion/culture (the rejection of religion is a religion. and also take the most faith out of all the religions. it takes alot of faith to believe lies and that is why athiests are so devoted to atheism.)

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    People who continue to reject Christianity or facts of the Bible when they know they are wrong do so because of sin. They are still choosing to hate God and refuse to accept Him for whatever reason they have. The best thing for these people for Christians to do is to keep up showing them why they are wrong and to pray for them.

  • 8 years ago

    "but the bible explains your very existence and gives you direct proof from eyewitnesses, jesus, disciples, etc. god himself wrote the 10 commandments."

    I'm sorry, but the eyewitness accounts in the Bible are unreliable. The purpose of the book is to be both a handbook and a selling point for the religion, so it makes sense to cherry pick, or outright fabricate, eyewitness accounts (especially of people who, even when they were alive, if they were ever alive, couldn't really be chased down to confirm). I'm not saying this means what they're saying is wrong, just that these eyewitness accounts would exist whether or not Jesus existed. In order to actually decide whether the Bible holds some kind of truth, one must look at the content of the bible and compare it with something external to the Bible.

    Similarly, you only have the Bible's word that God wrote the 10 commandments. There's nothing special about them that a human couldn't have written them, and incorporated them into a story he made up.

    "Atheism exists so that atheists can say good things about their bad habits."

    I'm atheist because I cannot be anything else. I am not capable of forcing belief onto myself. If I don't see a reason for an entity to exist, then I cannot bring myself to genuinely believe in its existence. That's just the way that my mind works. Please don't confuse atheism with immorality. I am known, even amongst my Christian friends, as one of the most staunchly moral people they know. I am kind to others, and I try not to harm others wherever possible. I do not have bad habits that I need to justify. I just don't believe that your god exists.

    "Atheism is broken and can't provide:

    1. Objective reason to live

    2. Objective source of moral authority

    3. Answer to death"

    1. I don't see why we need to provide an objective reason to live. Living is an experience, which is subjective by definition, and there are plenty of subjective reasons to live.

    2. Morality is not an objective property, so of course there won't be objective moral authority (and anything that claims to be is likely misrepresenting the truth). It's a property of societies. Society expects us to behave in a certain way, and as we've seen time and time again, the way you are expected to behave depends very much on which society you are a member of. You may behave in the way that your church expects you to behave (as well as society at large). It's actually not moral to simply follow the morality in a book, if such morality is not shared amongst society.

    3. I didn't know death was a question.

  • 4 years ago

    Sorry, yet i've got not got self assurance interior the Flying Spaghetti Monster interior the 1st place. As a sane, rational individual, I easily have come to the top on the inspiration of the available data that the Flying Spaghetti Monster would not exist. to boot, deep down all of us understand that Haruhi Suzumiya is the single real god.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Mistake # 1 - This is an open forum. Anyone

    can answer and ask questions.

    Mistake # 2 - You're not really asking a question.

    You're looking for validation from like-minded people.

    Mistake # 3 - You equate religiosity with being good,

    having a reason to live, and having an answer to


    Guess mom & dad made a big mistake!

    >> Yet another mistake by one of your ilk:

    I, and many other atheists, have more

    spirituality in our pinky fingers than you

    do in your whole body...

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    8 years ago

    OK, Who was the Bastard that Threw that Bible ? I'm Armed i have 3 copies of the Koran and 1 Scientology

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The angel Gabriel told me that Christianity is brainwash! He said that; ALL of the Churches are guilty of abominations and what they teach is brainwash! You can kid yourself all you want to but the truth is that Jesus is not god and you are not saved! Make no mistake; Keep it up with your false believes and you will burn in hell!

  • 8 years ago

    So you have no interest in a real answer but just want to indulge in a circle jerk with people who will tell you the kind of lies you like to hear.

  • 8 years ago

    Luke, because they refuse to conceive of the possibility that there is someone or something bigger than they are and will hold them accountable for their actions.

    Garfield, typical of the nonjudgmental and tolerant nature of the Atheist and leftist. Kill everyone you disagree with and then accuse the victims of intolerance for not fully embracing you.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Probably in the same way that wall-o-text-ists refuse to believe that nobody reads any of it.

  • 1ofU
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    8 years ago

    I always thought your Gospel was the worst. But you really outdid yourself with the garbage you posted here.

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