How are painkillers abused?

Why do people like them, and do people get high off of them or something? After I got my wisdom teeth out they gave me vicodin and I took one the first day but didnt need anymore after that. I had a lot and my brother had a party and they were stolen, which i dont really care. What do people do with painkillers like vicodin other than what they are supposed to be used for?

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    Vicodin contains an opioid painkiller. Opioid painkillers, which are derived from opium (which comes from poppy plants) or synthesized but chemically similar to opium, usually produce a distinctive feeling of euphoria in sufficiently high doses. Some people find this side effect pleasant and become psychologically addicted to it. The addiction may be reinforced by drug dependence, because the body becomes accustomed to high doses of opioid and produces an unpleasant (but harmless) withdrawal syndrome if the drug is discontinued.

    Addicts abuse painkillers by taking them in order to experience the side effects described above. Opioids are the only real problem because other painkillers, such as aspirin or acetaminophen, do not produce any euphoria and do not create dependence or tolerance physiologically.

    Some people try to obtain large amounts of prescription opioids and then illegally resell them for profit to people who are addicted to the drugs.

    People who take opioids for pain usually do not become addicted. Addiction is a psychological problem, not a physical problem, and not everyone is prone to addiction.

    Unfortunately, opioids are also the best pain relievers around by far, so we still need them. They are find and safe for legitimate control of pain, but because of their side effects, there are always a few losers who feel the need to abuse them.

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    Vicodin is a mixture of Acemphetamine & Hydrocodone.

    The Hydrocodone is in a class of drugs Opiates. Some other would be Morphine, Heroin & Oxycodone.

    Hydrocodne would be a lot weaker than ones mentioned but if enough of them is taken you feel a "high" similar (all be it weaker) to those other opiates mentioned. The reason you didn't feel "high" or abuse them was because you took them like they should be taken under doctors orders.

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    Yes they get you high so to speak, depending on how much you take. They usually case a very relaxed and numbing feeling which a lot of people enjoy.

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    They take a makes you feel it is a differnt type I high

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