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Would an ssd help me significantly?

Radeon 5670 HD 1gb

4gb ddr3 ram

Amd phenom ii x2 3.2 ghz

Thinking of getting a small 64gb ssd since its less expensive and either putting my OS or Guild wars 2. Would it make a good difference? If I put gw2 on would load times be better?

Or should I out my windows 7 on there?

I'd have to use sata II cuz that's what I have, so would it be worth it?

Found 64gb for ~$55

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    Use your SSD for your operating system, applications, and storage for data that is accessed frequently. Having your executables on your SSD greatly accelerates launch performance and has a positive impact on use performance. If you keep your working files on your SSD, it helps ensure that your current projects execute as fast as possible.

    SSDs have a lower "latency" than HDDs, meaning that SSDs can respond faster, which is critical in rendering and audio applications. Imagine if you just spent hours rendering a photo-realistic ray-traced image of a new product and now you want to replay it as an animation. That is a lot of data and an SSD may offer you tremendous speed increases for this type of work.

    SSD.... it's about twice as fast!

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    It's only a little faster compared to the average harddrives(7200 RPM). By a little I mean only a few seconds faster lol... Its honestly not worth it. If you have money to burn though, you should get it. Faster is faster.

    The person blow me. Twice as faster? Still in seconds though...

    Look at this vid:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Honestly, its not worth the extra 50 bucks

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