Is Slender Man a copyrighted character?

I'm in the middle of a fantasy novel and I need to add a new monster. Recently I've been reading about Slender Man online and he scares the crap out of me, so as a writer, I feel obligated to write about him. Still, in all my research I can't seem to trace him back to any one creator (like all creepypastas, he seems to have come from nowhere). Is there any copyright out there I need to worry about? If so, I'll just alter the creature enough to make it my own, but I'd like to use Slender Man if there are no copyright issues that people know of.

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    I previously wrote: The "idea" or "concept" of slenderman has been around for a very long time, but would not be copyrightable in any case. Copyright only protects a specific "expression" of an idea, not the idea itself. For instance, "Romeo and Juliet" contains ideas found in "West Side Story", which is certainly not public domain (it is still copyrighted) although based upon a public domain text and non-copyrightable ideas.

    From: "Can I write a novel about the SLENDER MAN", answered two weeks ago.

    RE: the answer suggesting the concept is "2 or 3 years old" is simply uninformed.

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    Unfortunately, you can write a novel about a slender man but not "The Slender Man". I digress:

    The name "Slender Man" is copyrighted by Eric Knudsen, the original creator of photo-shopped pictures and story posted on So you can't publish a book using that name. You can't use other variations of the story either. For example: an amateur film group called "marblehornets" created a film series has homage to the Slender Man mythos. The group obeyed the copyright though and they never call Slender Man by his name (the protagonist calls him "The Operator"). So if you write a novel about Slender Man, you can't use the phrase "The Operator" either. Marblehornets also expanded on the mythos and added another zombie-like character called "Masky", argo you can't write about a masked character called Masky.

    Short version: You can't mention or reference any intellectual property from other films or stories about "Slender Man". If you plan to make money from your novel, it has to be completely original and abstain from using or mentioning any motifs, characters, plots or devices from other parties. Thus you can write a novel about a "long, tall man that lives in the woods" but it will not be Slender Man.

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    There's no copyright issue. The character was created 2 or 3 years ago in a forum thread on, where people were using Photoshop to create fake paranormal photos. Someone came up with the idea of putting a tall sinister figure into normal photos and it took off from there.

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