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Will Obama consider the Libyan embassy attack an act of war?

Under international law, an embassy is actually part of a nation. Will Obama just claim that it was a partisan effort by "others" to make him look bad?

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    i`m not sure how 0bama will handle it, if he shines it on or apologizes to the Libyans he will show how weak he is.

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    War is political action by other means.

    Libyan Embassy attack is an act of War. the Embassy is US Sovereign soil an attack on an embassy is an attack on the USA itself..

    Obama will do nothing, He is in campaign mode and the re-election is more important.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes it is an act of war.

    Sovereign American soil was attacked and US citizens were killed.

    Sadly, no he won't. Obama will apologize for our citizens dying and making muslims look bad yet again.

    Matt: Your ignorance on the matter is astounding.

    "Anyone who politicizes this is a disgrace"

    Count me guilty,but you know I am right.

  • Matt
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    7 years ago

    An embassy is not part of a "sovereign" state, regardless of what you may think. The embassy is there because they allowed it to be there.

    Furthermore why the hell do we need an embassy in the middle of a war zone? You got 2 factions of Libyans fighting in a civil war, and we have an embassy sitting right dab in the middle of it all.

    Not smart at all. More wasted tax dollars.

    Source(s): Learn what a diplomatic mission. Embassies are not sovereign to the states they are representing. Meaning, just because we have an embassy there doesn't mean it's "The United States of America".
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I sure hope he does. We should never take the murdering of an Ambassador lightly!! I doubt he will though. Its election time so he needs to be very, very careful about what he does.


    Anyone who politicizes this is a disgrace. An utter disgrace to the USA!!!! We should pray for this mans family NOT use his death to attack our president.

  • brice
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    3 years ago

    i'm going to remind you that there have been 6 al Qaeda assaults under bill CLINTON spanning from 1992 to the summer time of 2000, which contain the 1st international commerce midsection bombing in 1993...Clinton had 8 years to handle al Qaeda and Osama bin weighted down and he did no longer something. a million. Black Hawk Down [conflict of Mogadishu, Somalia Africa] 1992 al Qaeda and Osama bin weighted down pop up on U.S. radar 2. First international commerce midsection Bombing [long island, long island u . s . a . 1993 1994...FBI makes substantial arrest of al Qaeda cellular in long island making bombs in lodges. they had MAPS of long island city landmarks which contain the international commerce midsection and the Empire State construction. lawyer customary, Janet Reno tied the hands of the FBI and the CIA no longer permitting them to share advice and the ACLU threw a extra wholesome asserting they have been profiling minorities; they have been released. 3. Khobar Towers Base Bombing [Dhuran, Saudi Arabia] 1996 deadliest attack as much as 9/11/01 In 1998, U.S. and foreign places intelligence which contain a video from Osama bin weighted down WARNS the U.S. approximately their policies in Somalia and of extra assaults on U.S. centers foreign places. Clinton does no longer something, Janet Reno does no longer something. 4. U.S. Embassy Bombing [Kenya, Africa] 1998 5. U.S. Embassy Bombing [Tanzania, Africa] 1998 close to simultaneous assaults over 4 hundred lifeless Early 2000, flight instructors in Arizona call FBI and tell them that midsection jap adult males are taking flying classes yet do no longer prefer to appreciate the thank you to land a airplane. via this time the FBI and the CIA are a large number, bureaucratic crimson-tape, infighting and careless company plague the two agencies. Clinton shrink the U.S. militia via 20% and the materials for centers foreign places. 6. united statesS. Cole Bombing [Aden Harbor, Yemen] the summer time of 2000 earlier 9/11/01 do no longer tell me that George W. Bush led to 9/11 via fact Clinton had 8 YEARS to handle Osama bin weighted down and he did no longer do it.

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    7 years ago

    its president obama

    i cannot speak for them

    we need to tone it down a bit-maybe send in a few

    18th century wooden cannon ships with modern artillery

    just to be classic

  • 7 years ago

    no it was attacked by a mob so it's not an act of war. the embassy will have to be shut down at best.

  • Ted
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    7 years ago

    He will consider it community organizing, Chicago style.

    Source(s): More people were killed in Chicago last weekend than all the embassy attacks so far this year.
  • IMO
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    7 years ago

    We don't know yet until we know who those mobsters were. Investigate and rule out things first before taking action. Let us not repeat the stupidity of GWB once again. We know these people are illiterate and uneducated. I think we need to be LOGICAL and not Illogical.

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