Can a soldier go on leave prior to his AVAL date?

I was wondering if a soldier could go on leave before his AVAL date? Originally it was my plan to take leave on the 29th of September even though my AVAL date is the 5th of October, however, my platoon sergeant said under no circumstances can anyone go on leave prior to their AVAL date. That means the soonest I could go on leave would be the 5th of October which is my AVAL date. Doesn't seem correct, what does going on leave have to do with the AVAL date anyway, I am not reporting to the next duty station for one month, which is the amount of leave I requested. If my platoon sergeant is incorrect, please let me know, he claims that the reg states that leave cannot be taken until on or after the AVAL date.

Any help or clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

1 Answer

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